Celebrity moms show us 5 ways to pull off the crop top trend

I'm not going to lie, I'm a big fan of the crop top trend. When done right, it's so chic and sophisticated. But a lot of moms I know are super scared to try it. They think it won't flatter their curvy post-pregnancy bodies--but that's SO not the case. In fact, there are a ton of curvy celebrity moms out there like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and even Kim Kardashian who prove that anyone (including mamás) can pull off the crop top trend. It's all about wearing it right!

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I know what you're thinking, the crop top trend is just for teenage girls with flat abs and tiny waists right? Not true! I'll keep it real with you it's not the easiest trend to rock and is does SOMETIMES take somewhat of a flat-ish tummy (not totally toned though) to pull off. But wearing a crop top doesn't mean you have to show your whole stomach or even reveal your belly button. Check out how some of our favorite celeb moms get this trend right!

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