5 Things NOT to do when buying a bathing suit

I've always dreaded bathing suit shopping. It's hard enough to find one that fits, flatters and still properly covers the parts that need to be covered to then have to worry about the whole hygiene issue that comes with trying on bathing suits in stores. And after one woman's traumatic experience at a Victoria's Secret store in San Diego, I might just buy mine online moving forward. This poor chick tried on bikini bottoms that had dried period blood all over the crotch! GROSS!


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Pauline (not her real name by the way) had made her way to the store's fitting room, clueless that one of her bikini bottoms was stained with blood. She had a retail associate count her items and assign her a room and everything went downhill after that. In fact, this is what the poor thing had to say about the horrifying experience:

What's even more upsetting than that is the way the company handled the situation. When she asked to speak to a manager, she was simply pulled aside and given hand sanitizer and a 30 percent off coupon for her NEXT purchase. Really?

Thank god nothing like that has ever happened to me because the Latina in me would have come out. I would have snapped at everyone in that store! Having that bloody bikini bottom hanging on the store racks isn't just disgusting, but it's also a health and safety violation.

The scary thing is what happened to Pauline can easily happen to you too. So to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation here are five things you should NEVER do the next time you go bikini shopping!

1. Never grab a swimsuit or bikini bottom without checking its condition first. I have to admit, this is something I never thought to do before, but had Pauline done that prior to heading to the fitting rooms she would have avoided that entire dilemma. Look out for things like dust, dirt, stains and, of course, bodily fluids!

2. Don't try on a bathing suit without keeping your undies on. While most of them come with a plastic sanitary pad inside, most customers don't remove them after trying their swimsuits on. So chances are you're sitting your crotch on the SAME exact liner the person before you had on. You can ask for a fresh one, but keeping your panties on is your safest bet!

3. Don't go shopping for bathing suits when you're on your period. I'm pretty sure the woman that stained that Victoria's Secret bikini bottom had a pad or tampon on, especially if it was found on the racks. She probably experienced some leakage and didn't even notice it. For sanitary reasons I'd wait until your period is over before you go trying swimsuits on. Plus, who wants to go bikini shopping when they're all hormonal and bloated?

4. Don't try on thong bikini bottoms. Doesn't matter how many panty liners you stack on, a thong is a thong and it's going to slip in between your butt cheeks. It isn't safe for you or the customer after you. And let's face it--you can't try thong bikini bottoms on over your panties!

5. Don't even think about wearing your new swim suit without washing it first. Just because it looks clean doesn't mean it's actually clean. Not only have women before you tried it on, but a number of hands have touched that bathing suit. Also, you don't know if it ever made its way to the floor!

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