Is Christina Aguilera pregnant again?!

Christina Aguilera pregnantOh my baby bumps, girl! What is going on with celebrity pregnancy rumor mill? I had barely absorbed the rumors that Eva Mendes might be pregnant when I come across the latest supposed celebrity pregnancy. Could it be that Christina Aguilera is pregnant with her second child? She certainly doesn't look pregnant to me, she's still looking pretty trim from her 45 pound weight loss, but it's not like she would instantly have a baby bump if she were pregnant. It takes a while to show, sometimes even with a second pregnancy.

Before we jump to our own conclusions, let me tell you what I gathered.


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Speculations of Christina being pregnant come from the tabloid magazine OK!, which sites that in early January, the 33-year-old songstress, who is not known for hiding her figure, was spotted strolling through the West Hollywood store Book Soup wearing a--wait for it--baggy gray sweater. She was with her boyfriend Matthew Rutler at the time and a shopper said he was treating her the way you would treat a pregnant woman, whatever that means.

The magazine also pointed out that Christina has been spotted making visits to the ob-gyn in the past couple of months and has expressed on more than one occasion the desire to have another child. She is already the proud mama to 6-year-old Max, who she had with ex-hubby Jason Bratman.

Certainly the suspicions of OK! mag are no peed on pregnancy test kind of confirmation. Only time will tell if Christina is actually pregnant, but it wouldn't be a bad time. She's in what appears to be a happy and stable romantic relationship and she will not be appearing on the next season of The Voice, which would free up some nesting time.

Image via Ok!

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