Christina Aguilera is looking better than ever these days, which you've probably noticed if you've caught any of this season's episodes of The Voice. The singer, who has received criticism over her weight in the past, has undergone a serious transformation over the past few months, showing off both a newly slimmed figure and a more laid-back, natural style. And I think it's safe to say this new look is definitely working for her!


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Though Christina's signature confidence has been there all along, it seems as if she's never more comfortable in her skin than she is now--and it's easy to see why! I absolutely love that she's been going for a more classic look lately, with red lips and platinum curls reminscent of her Back to Basic days. She looks downright amazing!

Personally, I think it's great to see her looking and feeling so good. She deserves it after all the criticism she's received for her body ... and hey,  she sure put her haters in their place, didn't she?!

Check out her incredible transformation below:

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