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Thalia dresses her daughter like Frida Kahlo & it's the cutest thing ever (PHOTO)


Thalia knows the value of passing down certain cultural traditions and lessons to her two children Matthew and Sabrina. The Mexican singer spent the long holiday weekend by taking the kiddies to the Botanical Garden in the Bronx, New York, which featured a cultural exhibit in honor of the legendary artist Frida Kahlo. To make the experience even more memorable, Thalia decided to dress her first born princess in a traditional embroidered top and headdress that looked absolutely adorable. She looked like a mini-Frida Kahlo! 

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Rosie Rivera confiesa haber recurrido al bisturí para hacerse varios "arreglitos"

Rosie Rivera, la hermana menor de la desaparecida Jenni Rivera, confesó recientemente que en más de una ocasión se ha hecho uno que otro "arreglito", para mejorar su apariencia. Lo que no vas a creer es cuántos ya se ha hecho la hermana de la Diva de la Banda.

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Jennifer Lopez says her secret to staying young & sexy is ... (VIDEO)


Jennifer Lopez turns 46 this year and she looks better than ever! Hate her all you want for those illusion mesh dresses, but she always looks flawless in the barely-there gowns. It's her confidence, attitude and sense of style that really keep her looking just as good as a lot of these jovencitas in Hollywood. I've always said I hope to have the J.Lo glow when I reach my 40's. The Boricua pop star recently revealed her true secret for staying so youthful and sexy. After seeing her swimsuit photos for the latest US Magazine issue, I'm all ears! 

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Jacqueline Bracamontes shares adorable picture of baby Carolina's unibrow!


We all know everything looks cuter on a baby, but I never thought unibrows would be added to the equation. Jacqueline Bracamontes' daughter Carolina has the cutest hairiest brows I've ever seen! While her older sister Jacqueline has been nicknamed mini-Jacky, Carolina should be dubbed mini-Frida. The proud Mexican mom showed off her beautiful little one while on a trip to Toronto, Canada. No matter what kind of day you're having, this unibrow is about to make you smile from ear to ear! I promise. 

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Christina Milian gets tat in honor of Lil' Wayne + 14 celebs that got inked for love

christina PHOTOS

Christina Milian is hopelessly in love and has a new tattoo to prove it. The Latina songstress has always kept her relationship with Lil' Wayne as low-key as possible, but every now and then, she's way too giddy to keep it a secret. Now she has a permanent mark that showcases her love for a rumored mujeriego. To me, this is the modern day beauty and the beast couple, but love is love! Milian seems to be attracted to his creativity, faith and genuine heart. If she feels all of those things than clearly I'm looking into a different lens! Now let's get to the tattoo… 

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WATCH: Chiquis Rivera leaves behind her mom's shadow in new VIDEO


Chiquis Rivera is paying tribute to her legendary mom Jenni Rivera just in time for Mother's Day. Chiquis premiered her latest video "Completamente," and it's obvious what an influence the late Diva de la Banda has been to her daughter's singing career. In the video, Chiquis is shown as a no-sense business woman who "knows she's crazy" and loves sipping on tequila early in the morning. It's that same image of strength and feminine mystique that was part of Jenni's signature style. You have to see the video to understand what I'm talking about! 

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Nude Jennifer Lopez dress + other hits & misses from the Met Gala 2015


Weird, crazy and sheer fashion looks came out to play during last night's Met Gala 2015. With the theme being "China: Through the Looking Glass" many celebrities were inspired by Asian culture while others totally picked their own theme. Jennifer Lopez was by far one of the best dressed of the evening with a red nude dress that left me speechless. You have to see her look (and from the back) along with other style hits and misses from the extravagant evening in fashion. 

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WATCH: Ninel Conde is now selling her fajas through an infomercial!


Ninel Conde never kept her love for fajas a secret--especially after giving birth to her son Emmanuel last fall. At one point, the Mexican beauty turned her Instagram page into a Faja 101 tutorial. The Bombón Asesino was definitely on the waist-training trend before it was officially a hashtag and now she has her own faja line to show for it. Classic! She's a Latina who saw an opportunity and ran to the bank with it. How can you dislike that? That doesn't mean we can't chuckle at her funny faja informercial!   

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Eva Mendes named new face of Estée Lauder + 14 other Latina beauty ambassadors


New mom Eva Mendes is a busy bee! The Cuban actress has just signed on as the new face for Estee Lauder. The beauty brand will feature Mendes in its fall campaign for the new Dimension firming skincare products. Mendes shared her reaction in a statement and said, "Since my teenage years, I have always admired Estee Lauder, the woman and the brand. I'm excited to represent New Dimension skincare because I can relate personally to what it stands for--the power we have as women to take control and transform our own beauty." We're so proud of Mendes! 

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Christina Aguilera's booty looks bigger than ever! (PHOTO)


Christina Aguilera has had many transformations over the years, but this one is definitely raising plastic surgery suspicions. XTina was spotted celebrating her fiancé Matt Rutler's birthday in Las Vegas and she was looking more voluptuous than ever! Now, I know she had her daughter Summer Rain back in August and post-baby curves are a real thing. I want to give Aguilera the benefit of the doubt here, but it looks like she definitely got some work done or is learning a few booty growing tips from the Kardashians. 

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