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Cristina Saralegui reveals the true cause of her alcoholism

We are learning more and more about the Latina Oprah's personal life and battle with addiction. We were all shocked when Cristina Saralegui revealed her battle with alcoholism during a recent interview with Univision. At first, it seemed like the 66-year-old Cuban journalist's relationship with alcohol spiraled out of control once her iconic talk show was canceled by the Spanish language network in 2010. However, Cristina recently admitted darker and more painful skeletons in her closet. 

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Jennifer Lopez on the EXACT moment she knew marriage to Marc Anthony was over

Marriage is never easy and it's even harder to get out of it when you're a celebrity. Jennifer Lopez's new book True Love is filled with intimate details of her divorce from Marc Anthony. In J.Lo's new book, she highlights the exact moment she realized that her 7-year marriage was falling apart and how she ended up breaking the separation news to her twins Max and Emme

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Lista para el bebé

Ninel Conde reveals baby Emmanuel's face in first photo!

We finally get to see Ninel Conde's baby Emmanuel! The 38-year-old mother of two recently showed off her new bundle of joy for TV Notas. This newborn has had more baby showers than any celeb baby we know! With all of the photos Conde shared during her pregnancy, we can't help but feel part of the familia. The Mexican actress posed alongside her boyfriend and baby's father Giovanni Medina. They look like such a sweet family together…

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10 Celeb moms who changed their names for fame

As we all know, stardom isn't all about talent. The fame game is also about the right face, fashion and name. Many celebs decide to change their birth names into catchier, sexier or more unique stage names. While sometimes we wish we could live the life of a pop star, these celeb moms have done it all--with fake names. Who are these women?

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Jennifer Lopez's ex posts shocking bloody black eye on Instagram!


What happened to Casper Smart's beautiful little face? Jennifer Lopez's ex posted a shocking pic of his battered and bruised face on Instagram yesterday, and it looks insane. In the pic, captioned, "Rough Day!! Shoulda seen the other guy," Smart is sporting a swollen and bloodied eye, along with a still somewhat sexy grimace. Jeez! So who's responsible for breaking Casper's money maker? Sorry to disappoint you, but it wasn't one of J.Lo's booty-obsessed exes. The reason for Casper's black eye is actually a lot more shocking than that.  

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Jane the Virgin recap: Immaculate conceptions & ex-boyfriends complicate perfect Jane's life

One of the most highly anticipated is the CW's Jane The Virgin. The premise is simple: an aspiring writer, Jane Villanueva, is mistakenly artificially inseminated by her doctor on the eve of her boyfriend's proposal. What unfolds is a hilarious and poignant ride with a smoking hot bilingual cast to sweeten the mix.

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Penelope Cruz is the "sexiest woman alive," no one is surprised


Esquire has officially dubbed Penelope Cruz to be the "sexiest woman alive," and we couldn't agree more. The 40-year-old mami-of-two looks absolutely flawless sporting a revealing V-neck leotard and perfectly tousled hair on the cover of the lad mag's November 2014 issue. It's no wonder she was chosen to be the eleventh mujer to hold the sexiest woman alive title. The woman is undeniably stunning! Or is she? It appears there's at least one person out there questioning the mag's decision to bestow the "sexiest woman" title upon the Spanish actress. I bet you'll never guess just who it is.

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Orgullo Latino

Celebridades latinas con las que nos gustaría tener la mejor amistad


Muchas celebridades latinas han marcado una diferencia en su carrera y nos han conquistado el corazón con su talento, su carisma, sus triunfos y su belleza. Son personas trabajadoras, que se dedican a su público y de las que podemos aprender algo. Estos son algunos de los latinos famosos que podríamos tener como mejores amigos.

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Cristela Alonzo opens up about how her mom inspired her

It isn't often that there's a sitcom starring a Latina comedian. Nonetheless one who writes, acts and co-produces the show and is the star. Comedian Cristela Alonzo is owning all of those job titles, but her success didn't come overnight. The Texan native never gave up on her dreams and now uses it as hilarious material for her on-screen character Cristela, a woman from a Mexican-American family who dreams of becoming a lawyer, but has plenty of obstacles to face. The show, also starring Carlos Ponce and Maria Canals-Barrera, is funny, authentic and offers a glimpse of a Latino family de corazón. Get to know more about Cristela in our Q/A coverage below! 

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The 10 Hottest couples in Hollywood

Attractive celeb couples are easy to find in Hollywood, but naming ones that are still together is a tougher mission. With all of the recent celeb splits (like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon #RIP), we are keeping the love alive by counting down the hottest celeb couples in Hollywood--right now! Yes, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello made the list. Can you blame us for that one? 

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