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7 Mistakes you NEED to stop making with your eyebrows

If there's one thing I'm anal about, it's my eyebrows. Maybe it's because my naturally thick and long brows require high maintenance or maybe I've seen too many bad brows in my lifetime. Either way, I definitely know a thing or two when it comes to brow mistakes. Don't think you need tips? If you're still sporting tadpole brows that date back to the 90s or brows so dark they look like you filled them in with a Sharpie, then you might want to sit down and read this. And yes girl, there is such thing as too big and bold!

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SEE: Kim Kardashian posts topless #belfie

Kim Kardashian certainly loves herself a good belfie. She recently shared a seriously sexy photo of herself on Instagram where she's seen topless, wearing nothing but a yellow bikini bottom. No surprise here, right? I can't lie though, her butt does look amazing! Check it out for yourself!

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Adrienne Bailon FINALLY removes Rob Kardashian's name from her butt


Among the many celebrities facing tattoo regret, we can add Adrienne Bailon to the list. If you recall, the 30-year-old singer dated Rob Kardashian almost six years ago and during that time had tattooed his name on her booty. Bailon, who attempted to remove the ink in the past unsuccessfully, tried again now and it was all captured on entertainment show, Extra's cameras.

That MANY years with your ex's name on your butt? That is TOTALLY not a good look!

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Jenni 'JWOWW' Farley gives birth to healthy baby girl!


A huge congrats is in order for Jenni 'JWOWW' Farley and her fiancé Roger Mathews. The couple welcomed a healthy 7-pound baby girl Sunday after Jwoww went in to the hospital for an induced labor. The part Spanish, part Irish Jersey Shore star had a relatively difficult pregnancy, so I imagine she was super relieved.

Wait till you hear what she and her future hubby named their daughter! It is just too precious!

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'Devious Maids:' Death, Deportation, and Drama, Oh My!

After last week's shocker (Opal finally off-ed herself!), the ladies get in deep facing deportation, secrets from lovers, unexpected parenthood, and of course more evidence towards solving the murder mystery. 

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Jennifer Lopez wants Selena Gomez to play her in a movie!

Jennifer Lopez became a breakout star playing Selena in the biopic of the late singer's life back in 1997--and now it looks like she wants another Selena to play her. That's right ... when asked who she'd want to cast if a film ever made about her life, Lopez revealed there's only person that she'd want to take on the role.

"I would want Selena Gomez to play me in a movie," Lopez said, according to Newsday. "She is a cutie." Huh, I've never really thought about it before, but a movie about Lopez's life would probably be super interesting. I mean, there's no shortage of drama to choose from there! And I think Gomez actually would be a good pick. After all, it's not the first time the two have been compared.

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'Devious Maids:' Who Got Arrested?

In case you forgot, last week ended when Ethan, Valentina's boyfriend/the pool boy/Opal's son, got stabbed by Carmen after attempting a robbery with his team of serial masked robbers. This week, we pick up 15 minutes after the robbery. How did the ladies make out? 

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12 Gorgeous Latina beauty ambassadors

It looks like supermodel Adriana Lima is finally returning as the face of Maybelline. Yay! The 33-year-old Brazilian beauty has been the face of many campaigns throughout her career and specifically worked with Maybelline from 2003 to 2009 as their global spokesperson. I couldn't be more excited! But what got her to go back?

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Melanie Griffith erases Antonio Banderas tattoo after divorce announcement

I was pretty bummed out when I heard Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas had split after 18 years of marriage. Honestly, I still can't believe it. But by the looks of it, Melanie seems to already be moving on. She made a pretty bold statement on Tuesday at Italy's Taormina Film Festival showing off her old heart tattoo located on her right arm, which no longer includes Antonio's name. I'm not sure if she's in the process of having it removed or if she just covered it up with heavy makeup, but either way, it says a lot!

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SEE: Jennifer Lopez + 9 other celebrities with NO makeup

Jennifer Lopez may have recently broken up with her boy toy, Casper Smart, but she's still got it! No recent split is going to have her down. In fact she's been keeping pretty busy and looking better than ever. The 44-year-old mother of two posted some really cute photos of herself yesterday that made me do a double take. She's seen at the pool with her mamá, Guadalupe Lopez, without a single trace of makeup on. I'm talking no tinted moisturizer, no eyeliner and no lip gloss on. I had to emphasize that because a number of celebs out there like to share so-called "makeup-free" photos of themselves that you can obviously tell aren't as natural as they want us all to believe. But that's clearly not the case with J.Lo!

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