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WATCH: Chiquis tells ALL about her new book & the secrets behind it


The new video Chiquis shared where she explains--or rather, tries to justify--why she wrote her book Perdón, has made me really think about her motivations. I feel like she's really going around and around and finding excuses for a decision she made. In my opinion, she's trying to justify it to herself in a way, as to why she did it. She apologizes in advance for parts of it that readers may not like and with whoever was mentioned and feel offended. At this point, what don't we know about Chiquis and her family? She's told us her entire life in pieces through all the many interviews she's done--although she says there's still a lot more to know about her.

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Kate del Castillo's 10 most memorable telenovela roles ever


After decades of a successful career in telenovelas, Kate del Castillo is calling it quits. This is awful! If there's one thing Castillo was born to do it was act and star in bad-ass roles. The Mexican actress is currently starring on Telemundo's Dueños del paraíso, which is scheduled to end mid April. She plays a drug trafficking queen with power most of us envy. In a recent interview, Castillo confirmed that she may never return to telenovelas again. She said, "No, I don't think I will be returning to telenovelas. I never say never, but right now I'm the least interested in that path." Bueno, Castillo's roster of telenovela performances is pretty impressive. We are counting down Kate del Castillo's best telenovelas ever. 

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10 Latina celebs with REALLY bad plastic surgery


I've seen some pretty bad plastic surgery in my lifetime, but nothing quite as scary as Elsa Patton from Bravo TV's The Real Housewives of Miami. I don't want to be mean or anything, but look how crazy this poor woman's face looks. The sad thing is, she was actually a very good looking Cuban woman when she was younger. Unfortunately, she's just one of many Latina celebs who look like they've butchered their looks all because of plastic surgery.

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Thalia confessed to wanting to die at one point


My heart truly weighed so heavy when Thalia opened up about her depression after losing her mother, Yolanda Miranda, four years ago. On the outside, it seemed like the Mexican star was gracefully dealing with her loss and even published her self-help and memoir book, Growing Stronger. What fans didn't know what that Thalia was deeply struggling with the death of her best friend and confidant. Her mother was her everything and in her recent sit-down interview with Barbara Bermudo she makes a shocking confession yet.

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Chiquis Riviera is caught in HUGE racist scandal​


Scandals just really seem to love Chiquis Rivera. She's the latest celebrity to bite her tough over a racially sensitive slur that she blurted out in a video to fans. Rivera gave a personal shout out after being nominated by fans for Regional Mexican Artist of The Year. In the clip, she gives her thanks to Chiquis lovers and says, "Ya'll my nig**s." Really?! After getting called out on her statement, Rivera went on TMZ Live to explain her comment and gave a tearful apology. Her explanation says a lot. I just wish celebrities would think before speaking!

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Eiza Gonzalez named new face of Neutrogena + 13 other Latina beauty ambassadors


Eiza Gonzalez has a new title to add to her resume--beauty ambassador. The Mexican beauty has inked a deal as Neutrogena's new face and with Gonzalez's beautiful look I can totally see why. The 25-year-old actress has some of the best skin in Hollywood. She shines with confidence and that's what beauty is all about. I loved her reaction to the new partnership and the cute video she posted celebrating her new title! 

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Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello's wedding plans are HUGE!


Whenever Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are asked about their upcoming wedding, they always serve up a different answer! If it were up to me, they would have a television wedding special that would put Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's E! version to shame. Then I would want a baby reality special since they look so cute with Vergara's nephew, Rafa, above. Even though Vergara and her lover aren't dropping any hints, Modern Family star Julie Bowen has the details we really want to know about! This one is juicy.

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Chiquis Rivera: "I know my mom was ready to talk to me" before she died


Chiquis Rivera is all grown up and radiating strength and confidence in Latina magazine's April 2015 issue. I'm in love with this cover for so many reasons. Chiquis looks elegant and edgy in a black dress that exudes Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez combined. In the issue, Chiquis reveals what she really thought about her mother Jenni Rivera before she passed. She also addresses her on-again and off-again boyfriend, haters and her music career. Let's just say Chiquis isn't leaving much for mystery.

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Chiquis Rivera's top 10 style tips for curvy women

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We can all learn a little something about style and how to dress for your shape from Chiquis Rivera. The Latina singer is quickly becoming a style icon thanks to her great fashion sense and amazing shoe game. Thankfully, Chiquis is all about spreading the love and her knowledge for what works--especially for curvy women. Here are Chiquis' top ten fashion tips you don't want to miss. 

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Cameron Diaz's husband gets huge tattoo of her name + 13 celebs that got inked for love​

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Oh celebrity newlyweds! Benji Madden decided to show his love for wife Cameron Diaz by getting a giant fresh tattoo of "Cameron" across his chest. The cursive masterpiece is massive! He shared the artistic ink on Instagram and wrote, "#LuckyMan." Benji and Cameron had a quickie secret wedding in January, after just a few months of dating. I hope the love lasts because this tattoo will be a pain to remove. She also better not get a matching one like this!  

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