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Ninel Conde & Giovanni Medina are going after her ex!


Things are getting stickier for Ninel Conde's ex-husband Juan Zepeda. We all know the Mexican bombshell has accused Zepeda of stealing thousands of dollars from her, but more dark details are coming to the surface. It turns out, Conde claims that Zepeda stole blank checks and has been cashing in big time by forging her name. That's a serious offense! The mother of two is also accusing her ex of breaking into her bank safe. Now her current partner Giovanni Medina is getting involved and it doesn't look pretty. 

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10 Dramatic Miss Universe plastic surgery transformations

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I love how beauty queens never like admitting they've had work done. They want us to believe God just made them that perfect! The moment Colombia's Miss Universe winner Paulina Vega hit the stage I knew something was different about her. And by different I mean sort of fake. She's a gorgeous girl, but we all know Miss Universe contestants seem to have their own secret society when it comes to faking the natural look. Vega recently answered the daunting question whether she supports going under the knife and tried to answer it as gracefully as possible. Girl, I'm not buying it. 

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Jessica Alba's 10 best bikini moments ever

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The winter blues may be hitting me hard, but I can count on Jessica Alba to help me pile on the depression. The Hollywood actress recently posted a hot bikini photo of her vacationing in Thailand and I'm soaking in envy. It's not just the weather or her freaking perfect bikini body that fills me with jelly emotions. She's also meditating by the shore in the photo! This photo was taken just around the same time I was peeling my long johns off. Not a pretty sight I tell you. No, Jessica Alba already has that covered for us. 

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Miss Universe Paulina Vega: 11 things to know about the Colombian beauty

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A new Latina has taken the Miss Universe crown and we're still celebrating! Paulina Vega walked out a winner during last night's 63rd annual Miss Universe pageant. Once the top five was announced, I knew it was going to be between Colombia, USA and Jamaica. All of the women were beautiful, but of course there could only be one ganadora! This year, Vega is rocking a new custom-made crown inspired by the New York City skyline. Vega wears it well! How much do you know about the 2015 Miss Universe? I did some digging and the chismes aren't all pretty! 

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Is Chiquis Rivera planning to pose nude in Playboy!?


There are just certain celebs who should stay away from Playboy and Chiquis Rivera is one of them. Chiquis reportedly received a huge offer from Playboy Mexico to show her lady parts to the world. There are several reasons why I think this is a terrible idea. If her mom Jenni Rivera were still alive, I don't think she would support Chiquis posing for Playboy. In fact, I could imagine her giving Chiquis a giant bofetada for it! Also, Chiquis is the guardian of her two younger siblings Jenicka and Johnny. What kind of example would she be setting? Not a good one! 

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Jennifer Lopez had sex with an ex & you'll never believe who it was!


Wow! I never expected Jennifer Lopez to drop juicy chisme like this one! The Boricua actress and producer has been making her press rounds promoting her latest thriller, The Boy Next Door. While visiting The Wendy Williams Show, J.Lo shared some pretty personal details during the talk show host's segment, "The Hot Seat." I'm really shocked that Lopez didn't hold back when asked whether she has slept with an ex after a public split. She said yes! Now, I wonder who it could be. Let me dissect… 

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Shakira flaunts her beautiful baby bump right before birth!

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My heart is melting over the recent family photo Shakira just shared. The Colombian pop star has kept her baby bump more private this time around and I don't blame her. She looks amazing! Seeing these adorable photos just makes me want to see even more snapshots of her with baby Milan and her love Gerard Piqué. The 37-year-old makes pregnancy look easy and we all know that isn't always the case. The best part is that Shaki did it all to benefit the UNICEF charity. Wait until you spot the other photo of her in a baby blue gown! She looks like she's about to pop any day now!

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7 Blonde Latina celebrities who were NOT born that way


Do blondes really have more fun? That's what every girl really wants to know and that seems to be the case with a lot of our favorite Latina celebs who weren't actually born with blonde hair. That's right, think Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and even Cameron Diaz. These lovely ladies once upon a time had dark strands before they decided to take the leap into lighter hair. Not sure who's natural or just had the help of a total dye job? Wait, until you find out who's real and who's been faking it!

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QUIZ: How much do you know about Shakira?


Whether you have been obsessed with Shakira since the early 90's or only started to love her once she crossed over, there's no doubt she has the power to transfix fans! The real question is whether you know enough about Shakira to call yourself the ultimate fan...

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Jennifer Lopez has super sexy topless scene in 'The Boy Next Door'​!


It's not all about the booty for Jennifer Lopez. The Boricua actress strips down in one of her sexiest scenes to date for her upcoming thriller co-starring Ryan Guzman, The Boy Next Door. J.Lo seems pretty free about her body and definitely doesn't lack confidence, but I'm shocked she would get topless for a movie. She has filmed racy scenes in the past (hello, Money Train!), but that was mostly in the beginning of her career. Bueno, she is spilling the details on her steamy new sex scene and not leaving much to the imagination.

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