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Christina Aguilera's booty looks bigger than ever! (PHOTO)


Christina Aguilera has had many transformations over the years, but this one is definitely raising plastic surgery suspicions. XTina was spotted celebrating her fiancé Matt Rutler's birthday in Las Vegas and she was looking more voluptuous than ever! Now, I know she had her daughter Summer Rain back in August and post-baby curves are a real thing. I want to give Aguilera the benefit of the doubt here, but it looks like she definitely got some work done or is learning a few booty growing tips from the Kardashians. 

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10 Shocking photos of Latina celebrities without makeup!

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Latina celebrities are amazing at looking youthful, fabulous and glamorous. There's hardly ever a moment we don't spot these stars looking flawless and well put-together on the red carpet. When these ladies aren't working, they are perfectly fine with going bare faced and they have no shame in it either. While some of these ladies look amazing without makeup, others will look unrecognizable. Check out these photos of Latina celebrities without makeup for yourself! 

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5 Celeb mamis who love to show off their kids on social media (VIDEOS)


Our niños love camera attention and the same goes for celebrity kids! There are so many moments throughout the day when proud moms are tempted to record their kids in action. Celebrity mom Elizabeth Guiterrez can relate! Her little ones Christopher and Kailey were putting on a show worth watching in their back seat recently! Check them out along with other cute celebrity kid videos! 

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11 Celeb moms who let ONLY family take care of their kids


I was shocked to discover that there are a bunch of celebrity moms who are totally against hiring nannies to raise their children. When you think about wealthy moms, you picture most of them gladly or hesitantly handing off their children and running out the door! Apparently, this isn't always the case--especially for a lot of Latina celeb moms. Check out which stars decided to say no to childcare help and made sure to keep it in the family! 

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Selena Quintanilla is coming back to the stage & we can't wait to see her again


Selena Quintanilla's legacy is getting a technological makeover. A tech company called Acrovirt has announced that they're developing a Selena hologram that will represent a "digital embodiment" of the Grammy Award-winning singer. The project known as "Selena The One" has been approved by the Quintanilla family and the hologram is expected to go on tour in 2018. That's if $500,000 are raised for the project. It gives me goose bumps to reimagine la reina on stage again, but should we buy into being reunited with her holographically?

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SEE Ninel Conde's dress that broke the Internet


Ninel Conde has the ability to break the Internet with a single dress. That's more than Kim Kardashian can say! (Kim has to get naked and oiled up to pull off that sort of mission!) The 44-year-old Mexican star garnered plenty of social media attention after showing up to a national Mexican baseball league game in a sheer nude mini-dress. The stadium in Veracruz was left speechless when Conde walked out with the sparkly number and I can definitely understand why! 

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WATCH: Chiquis tells ALL about her new book & the secrets behind it


The new video Chiquis shared where she explains--or rather, tries to justify--why she wrote her book Perdón, has made me really think about her motivations. I feel like she's really going around and around and finding excuses for a decision she made. In my opinion, she's trying to justify it to herself in a way, as to why she did it. She apologizes in advance for parts of it that readers may not like and with whoever was mentioned and feel offended. At this point, what don't we know about Chiquis and her family? She's told us her entire life in pieces through all the many interviews she's done--although she says there's still a lot more to know about her.

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Kate del Castillo's 10 most memorable telenovela roles ever


After decades of a successful career in telenovelas, Kate del Castillo is calling it quits. This is awful! If there's one thing Castillo was born to do it was act and star in bad-ass roles. The Mexican actress is currently starring on Telemundo's Dueños del paraíso, which is scheduled to end mid April. She plays a drug trafficking queen with power most of us envy. In a recent interview, Castillo confirmed that she may never return to telenovelas again. She said, "No, I don't think I will be returning to telenovelas. I never say never, but right now I'm the least interested in that path." Bueno, Castillo's roster of telenovela performances is pretty impressive. We are counting down Kate del Castillo's best telenovelas ever. 

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10 Latina celebs with REALLY bad plastic surgery


I've seen some pretty bad plastic surgery in my lifetime, but nothing quite as scary as Elsa Patton from Bravo TV's The Real Housewives of Miami. I don't want to be mean or anything, but look how crazy this poor woman's face looks. The sad thing is, she was actually a very good looking Cuban woman when she was younger. Unfortunately, she's just one of many Latina celebs who look like they've butchered their looks all because of plastic surgery.

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Thalia confessed to wanting to die at one point


My heart truly weighed so heavy when Thalia opened up about her depression after losing her mother, Yolanda Miranda, four years ago. On the outside, it seemed like the Mexican star was gracefully dealing with her loss and even published her self-help and memoir book, Growing Stronger. What fans didn't know what that Thalia was deeply struggling with the death of her best friend and confidant. Her mother was her everything and in her recent sit-down interview with Barbara Bermudo she makes a shocking confession yet.

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