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Shakira says she'd "get kicked out first week" on The Voice

As all fans of The Voice know, Shakira is a great coach, who genuinely cares about her team members and makes her best efforts to guide them as far as possible. But the 37-year-old singer says she has done far better as an advisor than she would have ever done as a contestant! In fact, when asked what would happened if she had tried out for the show back when she was starting her career, she gave a surprising answer.

"I would probably get kicked out the first week," she said during a recent press event for the show. "I think that 20 years ago, if there would have been a show like The Voice, I don't know if I would have made it to the finals." What?!  It sounds crazy coming from a Grammy-winning artist, but it turns out Shaki has a good reason for thinking that.

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'The Voice': Can Shakira go all the way with team girl power?

It's night two of the playoffs with Shakira and Adam's five remaining singers competing for three spots on the live stage. No steals or second chances remain, it's "go live or go home," as Carson Daly reminds us. Both Shakira and Adam's teams are very impressive and the contestants must prove they have what it takes to be "The Voice."  Shakira sticks to her proud Latina roots, choosing an all-female team to take to the live stage. 

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5 Signs Selena Gomez could be the next Lindsay Lohan

When news broke that Selena Gomez fired her parents as her managers last week, many fans were surprised. But according to TMZ, no one was more surprised than her own mother, Mandy Teefey!

Contrary to prior reports that the firing was a mutual agreement, a new report claims that Teefey and Gomez's stepdad did have a conversation with Gomez last month, during which they discussed possibly heading their separate ways professionally. But apparently, Teefey thought it was all just talk and was taken aback when it actually happened! Uh-oh ... this does not look good for Selena!

And sadly, this isn't the only questionable decision Gomez has seemed to make lately. Below, check out more of what Teefey's mom told TMZ and other signs the 21-year-old star may be headed for trouble.

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MTV Movie Awards 2014: Our best dressed stars of the night!

The MTV Movie Awards is all about having fun--especially when it comes to fashion! In fact, I was so impressed by some of the red carpet looks from last night. A lot celebs (including our favorite Latina stars) brought their A-game and some of them weren't afraid to show off a little skin. Seriously, I was drooling over Jessica Alba and Rocsi Diaz's crop top and A-line skirt combos the entire night!

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SEE 8 Latina celebs soak in the spring sunshine!

April is here and spring is finally in the air! With the weather getting warmer and the sun starting to peek out more and more, it seems everyone is packing up their winter gear and heading outdoors--including celebrities. Tons of our favorite stars, from Mariah Carey to Selena Gomez, have taken to social media to share photos of themselves soaking up the sun and jetting off to various tropical locales to get in some beach time.

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SEE 7 Latino celebs show some sibling love!

It's National Sibling Day! Whether you only have one brother or sister or a whole slew of siblings, they all play huge roles in your life. I myself am super close to my older sister and couldn't be more thankful to have her. So why not take some time today to show them just how much you care? We are paying ode to the holiday by rounding up some of our favorite celebrity siblings. Check them out after the jump!

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SEE: Zoe Saldana + 9 other celebrities with NO makeup

I've always found Zoe Saldana to be naturally beautiful. Behind the (very minimal) makeup she wears, I just knew she'd still look amazing. And after seeing a bare-faced picture of her that she recently posted to Twitter, I'm definitely convinced! Zoe's skin looks smooth and radiant in the picture and there's not a single wrinkle or mancha in sight. In fact, I think she looks even more beautiful sans-makeup!

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Lupita Nyong'o + 10 other Latina beauty ambassadors

Honorary Latina Lupita Nyong'o is hands down one of the most naturally beautiful celebs right now. Most stars need a ton of makeup and hair extensions to look this great, but Lupita looks stunning no matter what. It's no wonder Lancôme decided to make her their latest beauty ambassador. Seriously, look at that face!

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Snooki finally confirms pregnancy & calls out her haters

After weeks of speculation, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has finally confirmed that she's expecting her second child with fiancé Jionni LaValle. In a very personal blog post entitled "The TRUTH About My Second Pregnancy," Polizzi talked parenthood and her upcoming nuptials, as well as sent a message to all of her haters.

"Jionni and I are so excited to confirm that we are expecting our second child!" she wrote. "Now knowing that our test results are good and our baby is healthy, we can finally talk about it!" Aww, such good news!

But while Polizzi couldn't be happier to become a parent again, she isn't too thrilled with the naysayers who still question her mothering skills, even over a year after giving birth to son, Lorenzo. Check out what she had to say after the jump!

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7 Celebs show you how to look amazing in pictures

My fiance thinks I'm obsessed with having my picture taken. Every time we're out and about, I have him snapping away (especially if I have on a cute new outfit!). But what he doesn't get is that it takes a few takes before I finally find a shot that actually flatters me. I can be having the best hair day ever, my makeup could be flawless and my outfit on point, and somehow the camera still finds a way to highlight my most pesky imperfections. It drives me nuts!

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