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The 6 craziest high heels in the world

Ladies, we've all been there: you spend a solid amount of money (aka too much) on a nice pair of heels only for them to make your feet like they're on fire whenever you wear them--and then get all scratched up and scuffed just a few months later. Sigh.

But now, UK-based label The House of Borgezie is claiming to have created the "World's Most Comfortable" heel, called Borgezie Riviera Stainless Steel & Sterling Silver Stiletto. And not just that! The company is apparently so confident in the shoe, it's offering a 1,000-year warranty. Yes, 1,000 years as in THREE zeros! Say what?!

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Stretch out your tight tacones with these 5 easy steps, guaranteed

Nothing gets me more aggravated than buying a pair of gorgeous heels only to discover later that they're WAY too tight to actually wear. Unlike most women, I refuse to return a pair of beautiful pumps just because they put me in pain. Instead, I do everything possible to get those high heels to fit me nice and snug. If you have wide feet like me, or if your foot expanded a half size up after pregnancy, you might want to check out this useful tip for expanding your shoes. Trust me, it really works!

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Stiletto sneakers: Worst fashion idea EVER!

I think it's fair to say that most runway fashion trends aren't exactly practical. In fact, some of them are straight up ridiculous. Did you see the McDonald's inspired collection from Moschino's Milan Fashion Week show? That was just insane. But the new Adidas high-heeled sneakers takes impractical fashion to whole new level. Seriously, doesn't adding a heel defeat the entire purpose of wearing sneakers in the first place?

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Holiday Chic

6 Pretty party shoes you can actually walk in!

It's the holiday season and that means pretty clothes and pretty heels. But what I'm really excited about is wearing pretty heels to festive parties. But sometimes a girl just doesn't want to suffer. I want to look cute without being in pain all night long. And I want stylish shoes that aren't just comfy when I sit. I want shoes I can literally dance around in. Cause that's what you do when you hit up a Latino holiday party. You DANCE!

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Man designs high heels based on his exes that you have to see to believe

I swear guys can't handle squat. In fact, one loser who can't seem to get over his exes so he created a collection of women's shoes, 12 shoes for 12 Lovers inspired by 12 women he used to date. For each of Sebastin Errazuriz's (aka the ultra sensitive guy) beautiful high-heels comes a brief anecdote about the girl who inspired it. But I must warn you, as pretty as these shoes are some of the description behind them are NOT. Like "Gold Digger" Alison, the shoes you see here. Oh god! This dude needs to get a life and move on!

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5 Crazy things Latinas can do in heels better than anyone!

If you're struggling with overspending, wearing high-heels might just be your answer. Sounds crazy right? But according to researchers at Brigham Young University, wearing tacones triggers the balance sensation causing you to spend less. Basically balance has the power to influence your actions and for some reason helps you make smarter decisions. I'm not sure I believe all that, but I really don't need another excuse to wear high heels. In fact, most Latinas don't need any kind of excuse to slip on their highest tacones. You'd be surprised how often and under what circumstances we'd chose to wear them!

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5 Fun ways to work out in your high heels

The other night I was watching the latest episode of I Love Jenni, and was kind of impressed to see Chiquis working out with high heels on. She had on a pair of what looked like 6-inchers and was doing lunges while vacuuming at the same time. How Latina is that? And as crazy as it might sound, this is definitely NOT the first time I've heard of chicas exercising while wearing heels. It's supposedly a really effective way to tone up and intensify your work outs.

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Evelyn Lozada's top 10 tacones!

Let's talk about how HOT Evelyn Lozada's shoe game is! The Basketball Wives reality star seriously knows how to bring it and it's pretty evident in her Instagram account. She posts at least one sexy pump a week that would leave any high-heel crazed chica (including myself) green with envy. Don't believe me? Well, just look at the ones she's sporting here! I'm telling you this Boricua has SO many I think she can get away with wearing a different pair of tacones every single day. Why couldn't we all be as fortunate?

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Happy Birthday La La Anthony! The 10 sexiest shoes she's ever worn

Happy Birthday La La Anthony! The Puerto Rican TV host, wife of basketball player Carmelo Anthony and mom turns 34 years old today and doesn't look a year over 25. You gotta love those Latina genes! I've always been incredibly impressed with La La's ability to juggle a successful career, a family, and still always manage to look fabulous while doing it. This chica definitely has style, but I have to admit her amazing shoe game is really what pulls her looks together.

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7 Tips to make walking in your heels more comfy than flats

For me, dressing up just isn't complete without a pair of high heels. But spending hours at a time in heels (especially when I'm out dancing) can really wreak havoc on my feet. According to a recent survey by the College of Podiatry, 20 percent of women claim they start to feel pain within only 10 minutes of wearing high heels. This really doesn't surprise me. I can't tell you how many times I've wound up having to go bare foot in the middle of a dance floor, and believe me it's NOT cute!

The truth is that as painful as they may be, none of us ever plan on giving our heels up. Luckily there are ways to make your heels a little less painful and little more bearable, even on those extra long nights. Check out a few of my tips below!

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