Boot Bulge: Now women are getting plastic surgery to remove calf fat

What people are willing to do for the love of fashion! The latest plastic surgery trend involves getting rid of calf fat to avoid "boot bulge." The calf liposuction is a real thing and it seems to be growing in popularity. It takes about ten months to fully recover from the procedure, but 85 percent of women manage to get back to their normal routines in about four to five months. The surgery itself sounds pretty crazy…

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First plus-sized model to walk in two NYFW shows is LATINA!


Denise Bidot made history last week when she became the first-ever full-figured Latina model to walk in New York Fashion Week!

I've been waiting for this day for ages—we all have. Up until now, designers have been promising to support the CFDA Health Initiative's "Health is Beauty" campaign and represent body diversity on the catwalk, but so far few have delivered. That is, of course, until now. 

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Kim K's wardrobe malfunction shows us what NOT to wear if you have a big butt


Kim Kardashian is doing an excellent job at keeping herself relevant this week. Between that hideous two-piece, leotard ensemble she wore at the GQ Men of the Year Awards and that naked photo shoot, there's no getting this woman out of our heads. She's got fashion fails and nudity, the only thing Kim's missing is a wardrobe malfunction. Oh wait, she actually did experience a slip up yesterday and it was a bad one to say the least!

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SEE: Angelina Jolie's wedding dress revealed!

Angelina Jolie officially tied the knot in a unique wedding gown fit for a queen. The mother of six wed Brad Pitt in a private ceremony in France on August 23rd. People magazine recently revealed Jolie's amazingly unique dress, which was decorated with her kid's artwork along the back of the satin dress and veil. The sweet design was constructed by Luigi Massi, an Atelier Versace tailor. He really created a masterpiece with this gown. 

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6 Curvy celebs who prove fashion rules are meant to be broken

I'm beginning to think the fashion gods that be have it out for curvy girls. Seriously! Every time I look at a fashion mag, it seems like they're telling me, an admittedly short and curvy chica, patterns, skinny jeans, crop tops, loose blouses, tight shirts, long skirts, short skirts, skirts in general, and everything in between are totally off limits for my voluptuous body. Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but that pretty much leaves us shapely women with nothing but A-line skirts and bell bottoms to wear. Um, that's pretty limiting if you ask me.

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9 Tips for dressing wide hips

It's a shame Eva Mendes isn't coming out and letting us see her pregnancy bump. If there's one celebrity who would make maternity wear look chic it's her. I've always really loved Eva's style. Not only is it sexy and sophisticated but the girl knows how to dress those amazing hips of hers. It's not always easy dressing a pear shaped body--trust me, I know! But Eva nails it every single time!

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Emmy Awards 2014: The best & worst dressed of the night!

I've never been a big TV person. While most of my friends were rushing home after work to catch their favorite sitcoms, I'd be curled on a corner reading a book or watching documentaries on Netflixs. But with all the amazing television show options these days like Modern Family, Girls and Orange is The New Black, how can I resist? That's why I'm watching tonight's 66th Primetime Emmy Awards to watch some of my favorite actors and actresses get recognized and honored for their amazing work. But aside from seeing who gets to take home their golden statues, I also tuned in to check out this year's best and worst dressed of the night!

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VMAs 2014: Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose tie for WORST dressed

Can someone please explain that crazy mini dress Kim Kardashian wore last night to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards? Seriously, what was that? The reality TV star showed up in a Balmian Resort number that looked more like a tribal-printed poncho than an actual dress. In fact, one fan called it an Aztec rug while another said it reminded them of the napkins you get at the Outback Steakhouse--ha! Yes, it was pretty bad I'm not even going to lie. But did you get to see what Amber Rose was wearing? Now that was epic!

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SEE: Eiza Gonzalez's dress is unbelievable!


If you think Eiza Gonzalez was done surprising us with her fashion (and tat placement) choices, you're wrong. Personally, I think she's going through some maturing changes and you can see it in how she looks. For example, she went to the premiere of her new movie Casi Tr3inta in Mexico and walked the red carpet in the most AMAZING dress I've ever seen. Keep reading and check it out--and tell me I'm wrong!

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Lista para el bebé

#Stylethebump: Chic pregnant bellies are all the rage


Did I just find the best hashtag trend on the internet? I think so! It's #stylethebump and features pregnant women posting pictures of their baby bumps and how they are styling themselves. So cute and so inspiring!

How I would have loved to have seen this when I was pregnant. Yes, there are so many more style options for pregnant women nowadays than there were once upon a time, but it's still hard at times to figure out how to dress like you when your body is in a constant state of change. #Stylethebump offers all kinds of ideas and is a celebration of style during pregnancy. 

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