12 Tips & tricks for dressing your postpartum body


You know what's harder than dressing your pregnant body? Dressing your post-partum body. Sure you've probably dropped a ton of weight in just a week or two, but certain body parts have shifted, and there's probably still extra skin bulging and if you happen to be breasteeding ... Here are some style tips to keep you feeling confident and comfortable as your body transitions yet again.

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SEE: Salma Hayek's most daring cleavage EVER + 10 celebs who have rocked plunging necklines


This was the moment all fans of deep-plunge necklines were waiting for: Salma Hayek going all out with her famous front attributes. I'm not exagerating when I tell you that the Mexican star set Twitter on fire. Within moments of her stepping in the Red Carpet of Britain Evening Standard Theatre Awards she and her girls were a World Trending Topic and I'm not surprised.

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10 Things moms need to stop wearing immediately


Por Dios, mamis. Let's make a pact to stop wearing these fashion don'ts immediately. I get it: Once we become mothers, we don't have as much time to put into our appearances. It doesn't mean we have to look like a hot mess. I'm not trying to get all judgy, because I've made most of these mami fashion mistakes.

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Chiquis Rivera shows off tiny waist in tight dress + her 10 most daring looks EVER

chiquis PHOTOS

Chiquis Rivera is all about showing off her curves and we love her for it! The 30-year-old doesn't shy away from tight or short silhouettes and knows exactly what works for her body type. Rivera recently stepped out in a tight black dress that showed off her tiny waist. You have to see the photo and scroll through ten of Chiquis' most daring fashion looks. 

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Selena Gomez rocks pajamas outside & you have to see her look (PHOTO)


Pajamas outside? What are you, a disheveled descarada too lazy to dress herself? Not if you're Selena Gomez. She's defying that assumption by rocking a chic pajama--and with red heels, no less! If this is an indicator of what she looks like when she wakes up in the morning, then we should all aspire to be just like her. 

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Kylie Jenner exposes major side boob at NYFW + 16 of her most scandalous looks

kylie PHOTOS

Kylie Jenner may not be walking the catwalk at NYFW, but she's strutting her sexiest and most revealing looks to all of the fashion shows. The 18-year-old star is rocking new blonde locks, smokey eye makeup and crazy tight outfits. Even her signature plump lips follow suit. You have to see the leotard she wore, along with her most scandalous looks! 

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SEE: Snooki's drastic fashion transformation over the years

snooki PHOTOS

Snooki Nicole Polizzi has graduated from her Jersey Shore ways. The petite fist-pumping reality television star has retired her crazy hair bump and tacky outfits for a sleeker and more grown up look. The mother of two has been spotted looking more beautiful and put together than ever. We have the before and after photos to prove it! 

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Jennifer Lopez has INSANE system to avoid repeating outfits + 13 looks we wouldn't mind seeing again


Jennifer Lopez didn't become a fashion icon without taking some serious measures. Reportedly, the Boricua pop star never wears the same outfit and has a crazy system to ensure that's the case. Lopez owns a scanned database and attaches bar codes to clothing. She even has an employee whose sole job is to organize and keep track of her closet. Here are thirteen looks we would totally take from La Lopez's closet and wear over and over again! 

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Kylie Jenner wears revealing dress at VMA afterparty + 15 of her daring looks

kylie PHOTOS

Kylie Jenner may not have looked as raunchy as host Miley Cyrus during last night's VMAs, but her revealing look was definitely eye-catching. Clearly, the 18-year-old has taken several fashion notes from her famous Kardashian sisters. Less is more--literally. Check out Kylie's look that turned heads last night and scroll through her most daring outfits ever. 

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Nicki Minaj steals Shakira's look at the VMAs! (PHOTOS)


It's a sheer style battle! Nicki Minaj fired up the stage at last night's 2015 VMAs in a red frock carnival outfit while performing "Trini Dem Girls." Hold just a second. Did Shakira's 2014 FIFA World Cup outfit inspire the rapper's look? I think the answer is pretty obvious! The bigger question is whether Minaj's hips don't lie just like Shaki's. Let us know who you think looks the best.

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