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10 Things moms need to stop wearing immediately


Por Dios, mamis. Let's make a pact to stop wearing these fashion don'ts immediately. I get it: Once we become mothers, we don't have as much time to put into our appearances. It doesn't mean we have to look like a hot mess. I'm not trying to get all judgy, because I've made most of these mami fashion mistakes.

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12 Plus-size fashion staples that every girl needs


If you're a proud and gorgeous plus-size lady, you know that sometimes it's difficult to find the best clothes. It's unfortunate, but it's an issue that we can do something about. In fact, celeb Rebel Wilson recently released a collaboration of stylish, affordable plus-size fashion items. Look inside your closet and make sure that you have all of the fashion pieces that every plus-size girl should own.

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Jennifer Lopez's 10 best throwback outfits! (PHOTOS)


Jennifer Lopez solidified herself as a fashion icon years ago! From the moment she walked on the 1999 Grammy red carpet with that green tropical Versace dress she claimed her spot as a celebrity trendsetter. Her looks following that event just kept getting better--especially after she launched her own clothing line in 2001. Who didn't want a J.Lo belly shirt back then? This isn't the only throwback outfit we are paying homage to! The diva has a bunch and we're highlighting the best ones.  

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10 Chic maternity styles perfect for spring

maternity PHOTOS

Spring has officially sprung and so have maternity wardrobe options! This season is all about floral and tribal prints mixed with soft and elegant silhouettes. The best part is that these pieces are breathable and super easy to wear. Whether you're going to work or preparing for a special occasion, you'll have the perfect chic outfit that embodies the fresh season perfectly! 

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Kim Kardashian's eBay boutique: 7 gross used clothes for sale


Ever wanted to own any of Kim Kardashian's old, used hand-me-downs? Well, here's your chance. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star announced on Monday that she will be auctioning several select items from her personal wardrobe on eBay, with a percentage of the proceeds going to California Community Church. Pretty neat, huh? Well, not really. While some of the items up for sale are to die for--like little Nori's wittle baby clothes--others are straight up gross!

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10 Stylish weather-proof boots


Cold weather cramping your shoe style? I feel ya, chica. It's not easy finding cold weather boots that are both cute and cozy. But that doesn't mean they aren't out there. They exist, and they're awesome! Gone are the days when functional cold weather boots looked like something only a fisherman could love. Thank goodness, because those were fugly. Nowadays, weatherproof boots are actually really chic, and come in different styles and heel heights. In fact, there are almost too many to choose from. I said "Almost". 

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5 Ways to de-wrinkle clothes without an iron


Ironing sucks and that's why I never do it. That's right I don't iron my clothes and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I simply don't have the time or patience to be busting out the ironing board every morning. I mean who really does? But before you start judging, let me just add that I don't walk around with clothes that look that they've been stuffed in shoe boxes either. Quite the opposite chica, my outfits are always polished and on point!

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5 Must-have jackets for under $100


You guys, I am so excited about this year's outerwear trends. The textures, the muted colors, the menswear inspiration, the classic vibes -- I just love it all. I wish I could have a jacket in each and every one of these styles, but there just aren't enough weeks in the season for that to be practical. There are however, plenty of budget-friendly options to make buying one or two feasible -- not to mention, a whole lof of fun. 

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Chiquis Rivera shows off her chichis in super low-cut gown


Chiquis Rivera is never one to shy away from showing off her curves. A few days ago, Chiquis attended Premios de la Radio 2014 and looked absolutely glamourous on the red carpet. She knows how to turn up her inner Beyonce and we don't hate her one bit for it. Could her new diva look be revamped up because she's newly single? Probably. We have the chismes!  

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10 Iconic Latino costume ideas for Halloween

latino PHOTOS

I'm all for looking to our shared Latino cultura for Halloween costume inspiration, but somehow I feel dressing up like a sexy Chihuahua or hardcore chola misses the mark. Not only are they terribly predictable, but they're pretty racist también. I think I'll pass, and you should too.

Latinos have a rich and varied culture, filled to the brim with tons of unique fictional and historical characters, as well as some undeniably recognizable pop culture icons. Seriously, why would you ever limit yourself to dressing up like yet another sexy señorita or devious maid when you can be the one and only Friday Kahlo or sexy J.Lo at this year's Halloween party?

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