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7 Maxi dresses to fake a flat stomach this summer

So you didn't get to lose those extra 10 pounds you wanted gone by June. Now you're walking around with unpleasant and pesky belly fat, but that doesn't mean you have to starve your way to skinny. In fact, I have a cousin who just had a baby and literally lives in maxi dresses. She claims that they cover everything she wants to hide like her tummy, but accentuate all the parts of her body she wants to show off, like her boobs. Maxi dresses are probably one the best fashion pieces ever invented since fajas and wrap-around numbers. They help disguise that middle like nothing else!

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SEE: Kim Kardashian wears a faja OVER her dress

There's no ifs or buts about it, Kim Kardashian looked gorgeous at the 2014 Met Gala in New York City on Monday night. That stunning navy blue and black gown (that featured a leg-baring thigh high slit) almost made me forget about that disaster of a dress she wore to the 2013 Met Gala. Remember that floral frock that looked like your abuela's coach? But all those bad memories reappeared in my head after seeing that crazy outfit she was wearing yesterday morning. I'm telling you, this had to be one of the worst thing this woman has ever worn!

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Mexicana Lupita Nyong'o named People's Most Beautiful Woman

Guess who was crowned People's World's Most Beautiful Woman for 2014? The strikingly beautiful actress Lupita Nyong'o of course! Who else? Honestly, I think we all saw this coming. The honorary Latina is naturally stunning both inside and out. There's a reason why Lancôme decided to make her their latest beauty ambassador. That face is flawless!

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MTV Movie Awards 2014: Our best dressed stars of the night!

The MTV Movie Awards is all about having fun--especially when it comes to fashion! In fact, I was so impressed by some of the red carpet looks from last night. A lot celebs (including our favorite Latina stars) brought their A-game and some of them weren't afraid to show off a little skin. Seriously, I was drooling over Jessica Alba and Rocsi Diaz's crop top and A-line skirt combos the entire night!

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5 Fantastic wallet-friendly Easter outfits for boys


Easter is coming and moms have kids to get gussied up. Little girls are easy to dress simply because there are so many options available, but we all know that boys get the shaft when it comes to fashion options. That means that moms of boys get the shaft as well. It's so unfair. How are we supposed to raise a generation of fashionable men if there are so few fashionable options for them as children? Sigh.

Fear not! Even though there is nowhere near as much out their fashion-wise for boys as there is for girls, I was able to find some great deals on Easter outfits for boys and they are CUTE!!!

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Pregnant Elsa Pataky's Oscar look bashed by Fashion Police

I don't like to pick on pregnant women, but there's no way I can ignore the Ellie Saab gown Elsa Pataky chose to wear to the 86th Annual Academy Awards. Did you see it? I mean, kudos to her for fully embracing her baby bump and trying to have fun on the red carpet, but there was absolutely nothing flattering about that dress. I hate to say it but I'm not the only who feels this way--apparently everyone on Fashion Police thought it was a hot mess!

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9 Times Lupita Nyong'o has killed the red carpet

Honorary Latina Lupita Nyong' o is amazing. I have to admit, I kind of have a girl crush on her. The 12 Years a Slave star, who's up for an Oscar this Sunday for Best Supporting Actress, is not only naturally gorgeous, but she's also quite the fashionista. I've been style stalking her since she hit the Golden Globe Award party in that breathtaking red crimson gown by Ralph Lauren. I don't think anyone on the face of this planet has ever looked that good in red--not even my favorite Latina celebs. Sorry Sofia Vergara!

Speaking of Latinas, did I mention that Lupita was born in Mexico? That's right, apparently her family moved there from Kenya. She may not be Latina by blood, but the chick is passionate about the culture and even speaks Spanish--so in my book she's an honorary Latina!

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Kardashians launch kids' collection & it's SUPER cute

It looks like the Kardashian sisters are at it again--designing I mean! Kim, Kourtney and Khloe recently launched their latest clothing line, only this time it's catered to baby girls and toddlers. The new collection, Kardashian Kids will be available at Babies 'R' Us stores on March 15. I have to admit this line is actually kind of cute. No I take that back--it's REALLY cute!

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SEE: Paris Hilton forgot to wear underwear to her birthday party

I'm SO tired of seeing celebs walk the red carpet without underwear on. Paris Hilton recently went commando for her 33rd birthday party at West Hollywood's Greystone Manor on Saturday night. The loca showed up in a hot pink Alon Livne dress, which featured a thigh-high slit that revealed everything from her booty to her va-jay-jay. I mean, if she was planning on putting it all out there, she should have at least had a wax job!

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5 Things you didn't know about bras


We use bras everyday yet never question their purpose except for the fact that our boobs won't look saggy. Some of us with relatively small chests can even get away with not wearing one, but did you know there's more to the bra than keeping your girls upright?

As you strap on that sexy red lacey one tonight, think about this amazing garment's history. In honor of Valentine's Day, here are five surprising facts you didn't know about your favorite piece of underwear.

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