2012 fashion trends any Latina could love

Another year, another excuse to go shopping! Ever since I covered fashion week back in September, I've been super excited about a few trends coming down the pipe that are not only adorable, but also super flattering. I have to admit, many times at fashion shows I'm shocked at how unwearable a lot of the clothes are, which is why I was pleasantly surprised to see so many cute outfits that I would actually wear strolling down the catwalk this fall.


Here are 3 super sweet trends that I think all of us can not only rock, but really love. And the good thing is that short of peplum (an adorable blast from the super feminine '40s that comes in and out of fashion), these trends are totally timeless, so you don't have to worry about spending money on something you will only wear once or twice!

Floral Prints

Prints in general are back big time, but my fave is floral. It's sweet, girly and versatile. The cool thing with current floral prints is that unlike the teeny graphics of seasons past, the floral print is getting larger than life and a little bit more geometric. I'm obsessed with a new blouse I just bought that has a large, almost Asian floral print and I can wear it everywhere from the office to the happy hour!

Color Blocking

Oh, color blocking, where have you been all my life? This is such a great way to highlight your favorite body parts and de-emphasize the ones you may not be so in love with. It's also a really fun way to add some super bright colors to your wardrobe, but to avoid looking like a clown, max out at three colors tops!


Peplum refers to a single, short overskirt added to dresses or pants or skirts. I love this style because it emphasizes curves while also downplaying the tummy area; in other words, it's amazingly figure-flattering. It also adds an air of sophistication and nostalgia to an outfit. Though this style also made a comeback in the '80s, I'm much more partial to the lady-like way of embraces this extra ruffle.

Bright Tangerine Tones

I bet you probably don’t have a whole lot of orange in your wardrobe, but you should take another look at this super-hot color. It’s actually surprisingly flattering on a wide range of skin tones and really adds some warmth and pop to an outfit. This color is super trendy in a wide-range of hues and can be incorporated in a big way (think bright orange trench) or in a small way (think eye shadow or nail polish).

Image via Saks Fifth Avenue