Why Disney's Aladdin will look more Latino

Ever go to an amusement park and notice how everyone sort of looks the same? I never noticed it as a kid but when I went back to Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, I realized that everything about the people that work there is very structured. Now Disney is changing things up to allow cast members to have facial hair.

With many Latino men working in the Florida parks, they must be pretty happy that they no longer have to shave their sexy goatees and beards for work. 


According to WESH Orlando, Disney guidelines for facial hair remain strict. Cast members must keep their beards and goatees well groomed and they cannot be longer than a quarter of an inch. Will this mean that Latino men cast as Aladdin, Tarzan or Prince Eric now get to keep their beards? Looks that way.

With Disney loosening up on their park employee regulations and the introduction of African American princess Tiana in 2009’s The Princess and the Frog, when are we Latinas going to get our own princess? Growing up, I always loved Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. But I couldn’t help but wonder: where is the princess that looks like me? Hopefully this will mean more changes to come to the iconic children’s brand.

Are you waiting for a Latina Disney princess that you can be proud to show your daughter?

Image via Disney