Let the arm party begin!

Like the good Latina that I am, I LOVE jewelry!
If you only saw the treasures in my room: earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings everywhere. There is a saying that “in fashion less is more”, and many times I agree with this statement. Today, that’s NOT the case though.



Lately you might have noticed celebrities wearing many, many brazelets in all colors, textures and materials. It’s an arm party! Paulina Rubio, for instance, is the queen of bracelets. Let’s remember that for Pau this is not new, as she has been wearing the trend for years already. So if you want to look extra chic and be noticed this season, go ahead and go all out with this fashion trend. Mix them up as you desire – less expensive with more expensive, thin and thick. It’s a green light here, so dress your arm and have fun!

Imagen via Getty Images