Jennifer Lopez is the face of Guess and Marciano & she looks incredible

Jennifer López
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If you thought that Jennifer Lopez might be taking it easy this year, what with the jam-packed schedule she had last year or the Oscar snub for her work in the movie Hustlers that everyone is up in arms about, you would be mistaken. It's only January, and J.Lo is already hard at work. We know because on Tuesday, January 14, it was announced that the actress is back as the face of Guess and Marciano for the spring 2020 campaign.

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We say "back" because this isn't Jen's first time collaborating with Guess. She was also the star of the spring 2018 campaign for the brand. Guess also outfitted her backup dancers and created concert merchandise for her 2019 It's My Party tour. Keep reading for a bit of background on Jennifer's history as a Guess Girl and more gorgeous images of her current collaboration with Guess and Marciano.

In 2018, J.Lo made history with Guess.

At the time Jennifer was 48 years old and the oldest Guess Girl the company had ever chosen. Apparently, Guess loved working with her because...


Why is Jennifer the perfect Guess Girl?

Paul Marciano, the creative director of the campaign, explained in a statement on Tuesday why Jennifer is a perfect fit:

“I am thrilled to welcome Jennifer back for a second campaign with Guess and Marciano. Jennifer continues to push boundaries in the music, fashion and film industries and represents everything a Guess Girl is--confident, sensual and adventurous. This campaign shines a spotlight on Jennifer’s natural beauty and showcases exactly why she is celebrated as a true icon.”

What's the inspiration behind these phenomenal images of Jennifer?

Why don't we let Jennifer tell you in her own words? Here's what she said:

"Whenever I do a collaboration, I always think of a character that I can play and be and we had a lot of fun doing that with this campaign. The vibe this time was a mix between an Italian film star from the '60s, mixed with Madonna from the '80s, mixed with Sophia Loren. It’s so much fun to get into the character and to make that happen. The clothes and setting of the shoot really worked well together to make this campaign come to life."


When can you expect to see more of the campaign?

Look for more of this collaboration in magazines and billboards in early spring of this year. We can't wait to see how many more fabulous pictures will be a part of this latest collaboration.

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