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Thinking of what to wear in the morning can be one of the most daunting tasks of the day. Finding pieces of your clothing that match or go together perfectly can be difficult, and if you make the wrong choice, your outfit might not come out the way you expected. The solution for that is easy, and it's something celebrities have been doing so well. Wearing a monochromatic outfit can solve your outfit matching problems. 

Monochromatic ensembles are made up of pieces of clothing that are all the same color or different hues of the same color. The result of this trend when done right is often chic and makes you look super fashionable. 

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Our favorite celebrities have been trying the style trend and wearing all-black or all-white outfits, and even more bold colors like purple and red. Whether they are on a red carpet or simply running errands, a monochromatic look definitely makes your outfit choice look intentional and so much more polished than wearing mismatched items.

Stars like Meghan Markle, Cardi B, and Kylie Jenner are experts at wearing this trend, and we can definitely turn to them for inspiration on how to pull this off right. Scroll through to see some of the best monochromatic looks our favorite stars have worn, and be inspired for your next fashion-forward outfit. 

Kylie Jenner made sure to stick to the color palette. 1

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my lil baby lowkey a flexerrrr

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She wore brown from head to toe, including her bag and shoes, and she looked phenomenal. This whole outfit really works. 


Jennifer Lopez makes white look so good. 2

Wearing white can be tricky for most people, but when J.Lo wears white, she truly commits. She wore a white top with matching pants and looked so angelic. 


Kim Kardashian was all about the cream. 3

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Holiday Season 🎄✨

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The reality star paired this gorgeous form-fitting tan dress with matching boots, and it looked super polished. 

Chiquis even does it for casual looks. 4

Chiquis is all about the matching when it comes to pulling an outfit together. She wore this cozy, all-red jumpsuit with matching red sneakers.


Meghan Markle loves a monochromatic look. 5

Meghan Markle loves a monochromatic look.

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Meghan Markle has really made a name for herself as a queen of style. This red sweater paired with a matching pencil skirt was everything. She pulled it all together with red pumps, and she looked gorgeous.


Selena Gomez tried monochromatic with neon green. 6

Selena Gomez tried monochromatic with neon green.

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This color in a dress would have been difficult to match, but Selena found the perfect pair of shoes in the same color as the fabric to create a flawless monochromatic neon look.


Cardi B's stylist really knows how to make her look amazing. 8

This purple latex ensemble might seem like it's too much, but it is just right for her. It's sexy, trendy, and gorgeous all the way down to the boots.


Adamari López did a simple monochromatic look. 9

A white dress can be worn with shoes that are just about any color and it will work. But wearing a white dress with white heels or sandals makes it look clean and super summery.  

Eva Longoria wears a pantsuit like no other. 10

This all-white ensemble really looks gorgeous on her and makes it look like she really has her life together. Everyone knows white clothes are a magnet for stains!


Ana Patricia wore red down to her shoes. 11

Red is a bold and powerful color, and Ana Patricia knows it. She owned the color choice fully and paired her outfit with some sexy red heels.

Karla Martínez's choice of a plum look is everything. 12

How did she find a pair of booties that perfectly matched this dress? This plum color looks gorgeous on her, and we want this look in our closets ASAP. 


Karol G also gave an all-white outfit a try. 13

White can make you look dressed up and chic when worn right, but Karol chose to dress it down in this monochromatic white look. It kind of works for her style!

Alejandra Espinoza was a vision in beige. 14

This shorts-and-blouse combo looked stunning on her, and she paired it with matching heels, taking the outfit to a whole new level of chic.


Kris Jenner loves to wear all black. 15

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is known to prefer the color black for her clothes, but this all-gray look really shows us that she has some great fashion sense.

America Ferrera looked like a golden trophy. 16

This gold dress is to die for! The actress looked incredible in this all-gold dress paired with matching heels. She looked like a total movie star.


Jacqie Rivera knows black matches with everything. 17

She also knows that black goes best with black. She wore a form-fitting black leather skirt with a matching top and added a little color with some cheetah heels.  

Beyoncé wore an all-tan outfit. 18

Bey knows how to pull together a look like no other. This simple tan dress with a matching coat and shoes looked so good on her.


Clarissa Molina showed off her darker side. 19

Clarissa really looked incredible wearing this all-black outfit. The leather pants fit her like a dream, and the matching top looked amazing on her.

Karina Banda pulled off this red look so well. 20

An all-red minidress paired with some matching heels makes a monochromatic outfit look so sexy yet so elegant.