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Each year, the Miss Universe candidates have to choose an outfit that shows off their native costumes during a portion of the beauty pageant. The women show off creative ensembles that best represent their country's culture in hopes that they are chosen as one of the best traditional looks of the night. In the history of the beauty pageant, there have been some awe-inspiring looks that beautifully captured the essence of the contestant's native land. In other cases, like when Miss Canada 2015 represented the country's love for hockey in a wild way, their outfits were so outrageous that they left people talking. 

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Miss Dominican Republic Kimberly Castillo was heavily criticized for dressing up as La Virgen de la Altagracia, which didn't sit well with a lot of religious viewers. Puerto Rican Mayra Matos dressed up as a glamorous boxer, and Miss Vietnam wore a dress that was decorated with loaves of bread. 

This segment is a great opportunity for them to show off their country's culture but also their personality and creativity. Some have taken it a bit too far, and they become a laughing stock among viewers by taking their chosen themes to the extreme, leaving them looking a bit ridiculous. Scroll through to see some of the most-talked-about native costumes from the Miss Universe pageant over the years. 

Miss Vietnam 2018 really had people talking with this outfit. 1

H'Hen Nie wore a dress with baskets full of bread, which was inspired by the traditional bread from Vietnam called banh mi. It might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but the public didn't think so, and some even said it looked like a Halloween costume.


Miss Dominican Republic 2018's animal theme wasn't received well. 2

Her goal was to represent the hawksbill sea turtle, which is often found in the Dominican Republic, but some thought that her attire wasn't a good fit for the Miss Universe pageant. 


Miss Colombia 2018 tried to represent the country's flower. 3

Valeria Morales attempted to represent an orchid, which is Colombia's national flower, but it didn't fair well for her. 

Miss Finland 2018's costume was little too out there. 4

It's difficult to understand what she was trying to capture with this outfit, but the headpiece, the cape, and the boots were just a little too much for a pageant. 


Miss Australia 2017 looked like she was straight out of a fairy tale. 5

Her goal was to represent the Sydney Opera House, which is one of the most famous and distinctive buildings not only in Australia but in the world. Somehow, her dress just didn't do it justice. 


Miss Venezuela 2011 was too over the top. 6

Irene Esser attempted to represent Venezuelan chocoloate and cacao, but the headpiece was a bit too much, and some believed it was way too "exaggerated." 


Miss Germany 2016 carried a castle on her head. 7

She wanted to represent the Brothers Grimm by wearing a castle to represent the tales they wrote. She also carried a book in her hands. 

Miss United States 2013 was watching too many action movies. 8

This Transformers-inspired costume brought a little bit of the Hollywood world to Miss Universe, but it was definitely not received well. 


Miss Dominican Republic 2015 took it too far. 9

Followers of La Virgen de Altagracia were not pleased with Kimberly Castillo's costume choice, and it definitely looked like something that belonged inside a church or religious procession and not at the Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Canada 2015 was a real standout. 10

Miss Canada 2015 was a real standout.

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Chanel Beckenlehner might have had the right idea in trying to represent the beloved sport of hockey that Canadians enjoy so much, but her costume turned out to be way too Halloween-y and not suitable for a pageant.


Miss British Virgin Islands had one of the most ridiculous looks in 2014. 11

Miss British Virgin Islands had one of the most ridiculous looks in 2014.

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Her outfit had so many magic lamps surrounding it that even Aladdin would be jealous. 

Miss Croatia 2015 stole the show. 12

Miss Croatia 2015 stole the show.

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Mirta Kustan carried an entire tree on her back during this portion of the show, and it looked a little bit too wild for a pageant. 


Miss Croatia 2014 looked like an angel. 13

Miss Croatia 2014 looked like an angel.

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Ivana Mišura really had it all with this outfit choice in 2014. From the wings to the boots to the shield, she really went all out.

Miss Malasia 2016 went for a futuristic look. 14

As an ode to the infrastructure in her homeland, the beauty queen wore an outfit representing the country's Petronas Twin Towers on her shoulders.


Miss Austria 2015 dressed as drag queen Conchita Wurst. 15

Miss Austria 2015 dressed as drag queen Conchita Wurst.

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Amina Dagi wanted to give an ode to Conchita Wurst, and it was pretty unforgettable to see her wearing a fake beard, similar to the famous drag queen's. 

Miss Belgium 2013 was already in the Halloween spirit. 16

We weren't sure if she was ready for the Halloween parade or for the world's biggest beauty pageant. 


Miss Bahamas 2012 went for a pirate theme. 17

Celeste Marshall opted for a Pirates of the Caribbean look for the 2012 Miss Universe pageant. Jack Sparrow had some major competition. 

Miss Venezuela 2010 wore a blinding look. 18

She wore this as an ode to Venezuelan artist Alejandro Otero. Some believed that this outfit might have hurt Marelisa Gibson's chances of taking home the crown.


Miss Puerto Rico 2009 chose to dress as a boxer. 19

Boxing is a beloved sport in Puerto Rico, and Mayra Matos thought that was appropriate for her to showcase during the pageant. Was it a good idea?

Miss Albania 2008 believed vampires represented her country. 20

Miss Albania 2008 believed vampires represented her country.

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Matilda Mcini brought Halloween to the Miss Universe pageant, but she said she wore the colors because they represented her country's flag.