Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

You know who always seems to have fun with fashion and not take it too seriously? Chiquis Rivera, that's who! We love how she uses clothing to celebrate life and her glorious curves. We're continually inspired by her fashion choices, but right now we are living for how she wears the heck out of jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are a staple for Chiquis.

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Most people don't rock as many one-piece jumpsuits as Chiquis does, but maybe we all should reconsider. Think about it, a jumpsuit is pretty much an entire outfit. They can be fancy or casual. They look great on curvy gals and not-so-curvy gals. Why not treat jumpsuits as a closet staple like you would dresses?

Whether you're still on the fence about adding jumpsuits to your wardrobe or already fully on board with the trend, let the pictures we've gathered of Chiquis looking like a bona fide jumpsuit diva inspire you. Without further ado, let's jump right in!

A jumpsuit with gown vibes. 1

Chiquis wore this to a taping of Tengo Talento Mucho Talento on Estrella TV. Who needs a gown when you have a one-piece number like this?


Here she's working a military vibe with a plunging neckline. 2

The embellishments on the shoulders have a bit of a decorated officer kind of look to them. That plunging neckline is undeniably sexy.


Go for a shimmering black jumpsuit. 3

Go for a shimmering black jumpsuit.

Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

Here Chiquis makes the case for wearing a black jumpsuit instead of a  black dress. She's got us convinced.

Al rojo vivo. 4

She's red hot in this number. Fire and all that good stuff.



This look is all about the pattern. 5

Notice how Chiquis kept her accessories to a minimum. The print here gets all the attention.


Head to toe leopard just works. 6

This leopard print acts as a neutral with all the deep brown and beige. It's wild and subdued at the same time.



Peek-a-boo we see lace. 7

We love how Chiquis added a lace layer underneath what would otherwise be a very revealing outfit. The lace still shows you some skin, but in a less obvious way.

All eyes on her. 8

You can't go anywhere in an outfit like this and not get noticed, so why even try? Instead, let them look!


You don't have to fly to be fly. 9

As an ode to a flight suit this works without looking like a costume. We love the black details.

A modern day ranchera look for performing. 10

Chiquis performed in this jumpsuit. It's perfect for a stage look with those boots and hat.


All the cars come to a screeching halt. 11

Oh, you know, Chiquis is stopping traffic in this look. How great do the red accessories look?

Is this a jumpsuit or overalls? 12

Who cares? Chiquis looks fantastic in denim. This is a refreshing twist on your average jean look.


This is how Chiquis wears it. 13

"It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it," Chiquis wrote when she posted this picture. She's not wrong.

This isn't a full jumpsuit, but still. 14

The straps give this a jumpsuit feel. We love the basic T-shirt that it's paired with, too.


Proof that all the stars aren't in the sky. 15

There are also stars who walk among us and perform. Here's one for you to take a look at.

Love is in the air. 16

Do you think that Chiquis and her hubby coordinate their outfits? Look at how they are both wearing patterns that could so easily clash, but their color palette makes them look all kinds of great together.


Rocking a denim look on stage. 17

Rocking a denim look on stage.

Getty Images

This almost looks like jeans and a matching jacket, but look closer and you'll see that it's an all-in-one piece. It looks like it was tailor made for her.

She definitely has a thing for performing in jumpsuits. 18

She definitely has a thing for performing in jumpsuits.

Getty Images

Who could blame her when she looks so great in them? Elvis had a thing for performing in jumpsuits, too.


She's a vision in silver. 19

She's a vision in silver.

Getty Images

The way the light reflects off of this material is magical. It almost makes her look futuristic.

She is beyond extra. 20

She is beyond extra.

Getty Images

This is definitely a look made for the stage. Not many of us would have cause to wear something so extra, but girlfriend does.