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No one provides more inspiration and entertainment for Halloween than the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. Not only are they now giving us the cutest pics of their babies in their costumes, but for the past few years, the sisters have been slaying Halloween. They each have multiple costumes every Halloween and they look amazing in each one. The sisters tend to surprise fans with their choices, which are often sexy and completely over the top. 

They really go all out for the holiday, wearing the most extravagant outfits and the most perfect glam and makeup looks. With that kind of money they have, we expect no less from them. 

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They have been everything from Victoria's Secret angels to Disney princesses and even superheroes. And who can forget their matching costumes with their kids? Kylie Jenner usually takes things to the next level with her looks, having multiple costumes every year and matching with her closest friends. Kim Kardashian has shown that she really knows how to do Halloween and her choice in 2019 to dress as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde was genius and so, so clever. 

Kendall Jenner, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian have also had some memorable looks, and the sisters have had some great moments wearing couple costumes with their significant others. Scroll through to see the Kardashian-Jenners best Halloween moments through the years. 

The sisters did a group costume in 2018 and KILLED it. 1

All five Kardashian-Jenner sisters dressed up as Victoria's Secret angels and they looked beyond perfect. "Thank you @VictoriasSecret for sending us actual runway looks and real wings to borrow for the night!!! OMG a dream come true! Got to be a Victoria Secret Angel for the night! And Kendall got good practice lol" Kim wrote. 


Kylie gave the 'Little Mermaid' a sexy twist. 2

All the talk about the remake of the Little Mermaid must have inspired Kylie to dress up as the iconic Disney princess. Her fiery red wig was perfection and her costume looked incredible on her toned body. She captioned the pic: "Ariel grew up.. ♥️" She sure did!


Kim really nailed her 2019 Halloween costume. 3

Leave it to Kim to find a costume that perfectly describes her life at the moment. She dressed up as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde in 2019, the same year she revealed she was pursuing a law degree. Pretty clever, Kim!

Kim looked beyond amazing as a Victoria's Secret angel. 4

Her body looked the best it has ever looked in Halloween 2018! Kim looked so curvy and yet still so absolutely ripped. This was definitely one of her best.


Kylie might just be the queen of Halloween. 5

This pink butterfly look is beyond gorgeous. Those wings are beautiful and the best part is that her daughter, Stormi, had the same costume. 


Kylie had to dress like a Playboy Bunny at least once in her life. 6

What's a better time to do it than on the same year that you appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine? She looked incredible and the corset on the costume made her waist look incredibly small.


Kylie won Halloween 2016. 7

Kylie's costume as Christina Aguilera in the "Dirrty" video was a fan favorite. A video of her dancing along to the song while in costume became the most watched of the year, and Xtina totally loved it. 

Kim just loves dressing up like Cher. 8

Cher seems to be Kim's go-to inspiration. Since they both come from Armenian roots, Kim loves dressing up as the singer, and she nails it every time. 


Kim and Kourtney dressed up as the iconic Michael Jackson and Madonna. 9

Kim and her big sister, Kourtney, dressed up as Michael Jackson and Madonna when the musicians attended the Oscars in 1991 together. This is perfect!

Khloé and then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson slayed Halloween 2017. 10

The then-couple dressed up as Game of Thrones characters Khaleesi and Khal Drogo and looked so good! The costumes were on point.


Kim also did the mermaid thing back in the day. 11

Kim also did the mermaid thing back in the day.

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Kim skipped the Disney Ariel look and opted for a more realistic kind of mermaid. Her partner, Kanye, dressed up as a sailor that year, giving us major inspiration for a couples' costume. 

Kylie really outdid herself with this one. 12

Kylie really took things to the next level with her Barbie costume in 2018. She looked so beautiful and so doll-like it was almost creepy because of how accurate it was.


Kourtney really nailed this look. 13

The Poosh founder dressed up as pop star Ariana Grande and absolutely got it right, down to the microphone and knee-high boots.

People were not happy with Kim's Selena costume. 14

Latinos in particular were not fond of Kim dressing as the Tejano queen. Some even called it cultural appropriation. All of that aside, Kim looked really good in the iconic plum one-piece outfit Selena wore for her last concert. 


Khloé really made the most of her daughter's first Halloween. 15

Khloe and True made the prettiest little unicorns on Halloween 2018. Khloé and her little girl also dressed up as tigers, and True had plenty of other costumes that year. So cute!

Khloé showed off her best Halloween look in 2016. 16

Khloé went all out with the makeup and hair for her Storm costume. The eyes, the hair, everything looks so good!


Kim did a creepy costume and totally slayed it. 17

Who knew a skeleton costume could be so glamorous yet so scary? This is a pretty simple look to recreate also since the most difficult part to do is the makeup!

Kylie loves dressing up with her friends. 18

She was a warrior princess while her friends were ninjas in 2015. She looked so good!


Kim and Kanye West used to dress up together. 19

Kim and Kanye West used to dress up together.

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The couple went as Batman and Catwoman to a Halloween party in 2012 and they looked so good. We hope they start dressing up together again!

Kourtney and Scott Disick also did couple costumes. 20

Kourtney and Scott Disick also did couple costumes.

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The former couple looked so cute in their Batman and Robin costumes in 2012. We love that Scott played the sidekick and that his ex-girlfriend was the superhero.