10 Of the most popular Halloween costumes for 2019

Little girl in witch costume

How early do you start thinking about costume ideas for Halloween? Are you a planner or a last-minute-slap-something-together kind of person? Regardless of whether you have Halloween costumes planned already or not, the internet is where most of us go to get inspiration. The searches for Halloween costume ideas are already going strong and Google put out its Frightgeist list of top costume searches for 2019.

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We're sharing the top 10 searches so far, and although the top 10 list may change as we get closer to Halloween, it will give you a good idea of what people are thinking of dressing up as. You can use the list to pick out costume ideas for your family that are trending or use it to know which costumes to steer away from so that you stand out from the crowd.

No. 1 search: "It."

We're thinking people are searching for It because the second movie is out in theaters and the dang clown from the movie is terrifying. Hopefully, kids aren't searching for a Pennywise costume because kids shouldn't be watching these movies.


No. 2 search: Witch.

Now, this is a costume that will never go out of style. Who doesn't want to see a Halloween witch?


No. 3 search: Spider-Man

Another kid-friendly option on the list is Spider-Man. We love how this costume from Amazon has built-in muscles.

No. 4 search: Dinosaur.

Anyone can wear a dinosaur costume, but a baby dinosaur is by far the cutest. Come on, what baby wouldn't look adorable dressed up like tiny dino?


No. 5 search: "Descendants."

The Descendants 3 movie came out in August and is still fresh in everyone's minds. It's a great group costume idea because there are so many characters to choose from.

No. 6 search: Clown.

This search might be related to the It search, but there are plenty of clown costume options out there and you can also DIY your own.


No. 7 search: Fortnite.

We're thinking it has to be a good sign that people are searching for Fortnite costumes. It must mean that kids/teens who are usually playing the game are actually planning on stepping away from it on Halloween.

No. 8 search: Chucky.

Be warned that if your kid dresses up as Chucky, you might end up terrified of him. Just look at that horrifying face.


No. 9 search: 1980s.

Sure, you can buy a ready-made 80s costume, but you could also go authentic. What thrift store doesn't have some great '80s finds just waiting to be found?

No. 10 search: Unicorn.

Unicorns are timeless and never seem to lose their mythical appeal. We're loving this take on a unicorn costume.

No matter what you and your family choose to dress as on Halloween, have fun and stay safe!


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