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As if Cardi B isn't busy enough making hits, being a mom, and maintaining a relationship with her equally busy husband, Offset, she is also killing it fashion-wise. Her fashion game is so on point that she was invited to speak at Vogue's Forces of Fashion summit this year, and that's a big deal for anyone who loves fashion like Cardi does

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While speaking at the summit on October 10, Cardi talked about how hard she's worked to prove herself in fashion and get invited to events like Paris Fashion Week. "I've worked so hard to be able to get to these shows. When it comes to the fashion industry, they don't care if you've got No. 1 hits, all the awards. If you just ain't stylin' right, they just ain't gonna invite you to their shows, they just don't care. You've got to be into it, and you've got to have a sense of style. It's something that you've got to prove. It's taken years for me to prove it, and I'm finally where I want to be," she said.

Let's admire some of Cardi's hard work by checking some of her most stylish looks of the year.

Her court looks are always on point. 1

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Court 😒🙄

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Cardi's outfits for her court dates this year caught so much attention. She went in front of a judge dressed in the best designer clothes and looked so good doing so.


Cardi managed to make latex look presentable. 2

Latex dresses can sometimes look a bit too sexy or scandalous, but somehow this purple ensemble looked fabulous and super stylish on Cardi. Definitely one of her best looks in 2019.


She was decked out in Chanel. 3

Cardi arrived at Paris Fashion Week in September looking incredible in this gorgeous Chanel outfit. Everything from the hat to the shoes and the bag are just stunning.

Green is definitely her color. 4

This olive green dress looks amazing on Cardi. Paired with these snakeskin boots, the outfit is just total perfection. 


Cardi slays in her business casual looks. 5

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Mrs. Belcalis A Cephus

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Wide-legged red pants with a matching blouse made Cardi look like the real boss she is. She looks so sophisticated with this ensemble and we love how it looks on her.


So what did Cardi wear to the Forces of Fashion summit? 6

So what did Cardi wear to the Forces of Fashion summit?

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She wore a pantsuit. But not a basic, boring pantsuit like you might see on a politician. Nope, Cardi wore a two-tone leather pantsuit.


Brown beret and matching boots. 7

It's fall and we are so falling for this fall look that Cardi shared on October 8. The top and skirt look great on her, but that beret and boots are EVERYTHING.

All zipped up and on the go. 8

Not sure what to call this look from Chanel that Cardi wore in August. Is it a onesie?



Real right and real tight. 9

In August, Cardi posted this picture of herself wearing a Chanel jumpsuit and captioned it "Real right." She does look real right in that real tight look, don't you think?

Wearing her own design. 10

In May, Cardi shared this look from a collaboration she did with Fashion Nova. Honestly, it looks good on her, but not sure how many people could carry this look off besides her.


Move aside, Cardi coming through. 11

In May, Cardi wore this expansive red gown by Thom Browne to the Met Gala. There was more dress than Cardi and yet she doesn't look like the dress is wearing her.

Don't mess with this señora! 12


In this white ensemble by Christiano Siriano accessorized with a Birkin bag, Cardi looks like she is in no mood to suffer any fools. This was back in April.


Lookin' like all that in a hat. 13

Cardi does these monochromatic looks, like this one by Ralph & Russo, really well. We're particularly loving the hat on this number.

She looks good in red! 14

The hair, the dress, the lips! She looks incredible in this dress by Yousef Aljasmi that she poured herself into in February.


Remember this look from the 2019 Grammy Awards? 15

Cardi B walked the 2019 Grammy red carpet in February wearing a Thierry Mugler design that was anything but basic. She looked like some kind of sea creature walking on land, in a good way.

Rainbow hair and don't care attitude. 16

Why is Cardi giving us the double finger? Maybe because she don't give a finger what haters think about her in these torn jeans and Duckie Confetti bra top she wore in February.


Barney's fancy tía. 17

Cardi posted this picture in February 2019 with the caption: "Barney could never." She ain't wrong! Barney, most definitely could not pull off this look.

In designer denim from head to toe. 18

Cardi wore this denim jacket and pants combo by Dolce & Gabbana in January. Surprisingly, the bra top, which is by Namilia, did not come with the rest of the patchwork Canadian tuxedo.


Sittin' and sippin' pretty in a striped ensemble. 19

This striped outfit by Dolce & Gabbana that Cardi wore in January has a bit of a carnival barker vibe to it that somehow works. The pink hair tops it all off.

Looking lovely in lavender. 20

In January, Cardi wore this lovely matchy-matchy ensemble by designer Christian Siriano and even went with a matching colored wig. She completed the look with a bright yellow Birkin bag and light-colored pumps, which added interest to the outfit.