Alejandra Espinoza
Alejandra Espinoza/Instagram

It seems like fashion trends spread like wildfire in Hollywood. This summer was all about bright neon clothes, and celebrities couldn't get enough. Celebs from Alejandra Espinoza to Kylie Jenner were spotted rocking the trend, and it honestly did make their clothes and outfits look a lot more fun. 

While there's nothing wrong with classic colors like black or white, seeing a vibrant splash of color take over these stars' wardrobes was refreshing. Some of these ladies kept their looks casual, while others dressed it up. 

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It seems like you couldn't open Instagram for the past few months without seeing someone wear a neon pink or green bikini or an outfit that was so bright it was almost blinding. Singers rocked the trend onstage, and others wore it while on vacation. Stars like Ana Bárbara couldn't get enough of it; Ana wore the colors in a variety of ways, and they all looked great on her. 

The bright colors made people's tans pop and added a breath of fresh air to a lot of their usual, classic styles. For inspiration, scroll through to see which celebrities rocked the neon trend, and check out how they wore it. 

Alejandra Espinoza has the best style. 1

We love the contrast between the super-bright top and the dark bottoms. This flirty top adds just enough color to spice up her look. 


What better way to stand out onstage than with a bright outfit? 2

Natti Natasha made sure she was the center of attention during a performance by rocking a neon pink jacket that could definitely be seen from the nosebleed seats.


We LOVE this top Clarissa Molina wore. 3

Clarissa kicked the summer off right wearing this super-stylish top. The neon green turtleneck has a cut-out in the front that adds just the right amount of sexiness to it. 

Kourtney Kardashian has such a classic sense of style. 4

She paired the trendy neon pink blazer with some classic trousers and a bralette. She really knows how to mix staple pieces with what's current.


There's never a trend that Kylie Jenner doesn't partake in. 5

The young mogul stays as current as possible when it comes to her fashion choices, and this silk minidress in neon green is as trendy as can be.


Cardi B rocked some baggy neon pants. 6

These hot pink neon pants are nearly blinding. Cardi kept the look sexy with a sheer top that left little to the imagination and paired it with some chunky designer sneakers. 


Becky G wore neon, too! 7

The singer kept her look a bit more casual in a neon green jumpsuit, and she paired it with a matching tube top. She really went neon from top to bottom. 

Khloé Kardashian loves her athletic wear. 8

The fitness fanatic loves to wear comfortable workout clothes, and, of course, they also have to be on trend. This neon pink two-piece is everything!


Karol G has been living in neon clothes. 9

The singer has been loving these neon looks. This formfitting dress fits her so well, and she even paired it with some neon green sunglasses to complete the look.

Karina Banda showed us how to make a trend timeless. 10

She wore a neon green turtleneck with some trousers and a handbag that made the trend appropriate for a business meeting.


Geraldine Bazán knows it's all about balance. 11

She paired her all-black everything look with a gorgeous neon turtleneck, adding a necessary splash of color to her outfit. 

Alexa Dellanos had to keep it sexy. 12

Alexa turned up the heat in this one-piece leotard that was the brightest shade of neon green. Her body looks incredible!


Kim Kardashian shared one of her neon looks on Instagram. 13

Kim was being styled by that little cutie in the background, with a neon green miniskirt and a tank top (and two different shoes!). She has been spotted wearing tons of neon in the past, and she even has a neon Mercedes-Benz truck. 

Ana Bárbara is loving this color. 14

One look at the singer's Instagram page and you can see that she is definitely loving this trend. She has been wearing neon green in all sorts of different ways, including this figure-hugging dress.