Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

We love following Chiquis Rivera on social media for a lot of reasons. She's fun, funny, candid, and shares both the good and bad, so we don't think her life is perfect. But lately, we've been using Chiquis for fall fashion inspiration and we want to share some of the looks that she's posted for your fall fashion inspo.

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Yes, it might still be hecka hot where you are, but whether you believe it or not, fall is making its way to us and our summer wardrobes are going to need a fall update. Start thinking of outfit ideas now with Chiquis as your muse and, when the time comes, you will be fashionably ready to greet autumn. The best part of the fall-friendly outfits we've peeped on Chiquis Rivera's grid is that they will give you ideas of how to transition some of your favorite summer items into fall by adding just a little something here and there.

Get ready for sweater weather! 1

We love the look of an oversized sweater worn as a dress. This sweater would also look great with leggings or skinny jeans. Start pulling out your sweaters and thinking of different ways you can wear them.


Keep wearing bold florals. 2

Who says you can't wear bright floral patterns in autumn? Chiquis shows us all that it is totally possible.


Add a layer to your crop tops. 3

Without the long coat, this outfit is a summer look. Add the coat and it is autumn-ready!

Blaze into fall! 4

Here's another crop top look that works for fall with the added blazer. Also, the yellow color is perfect for fall.


Embrace long sleeves as temperatures drop. 5

A light long-sleeved blouse is a perfect transitional item. It keeps a slight chill away without making you too hot.


Denim jackets and longer skirts are perfect for fall. 6

This particular look is timeless and fresh at the same time. The longer skirt works for fall, while a denim jacket is pretty much fall's best friend.


See what we mean about a denim jacket and longer skirt combo? 7

Chiquis does another take on this winning combination. Once it gets colder, you can also swap out sandals for booties.

Move over, little black dress. 8

A little black dress is great, but what about a midi black dress for fall? You can layer a long sweater over it to get a great silhouette. 


Pull out your jackets and booties. 9

A simple way to transition your summer outfits into fall staples is to add a jacket and booties. They don't even have to match each other to work, but this red combo does look phenomenal.

Transition from rompers to tracksuits for autumn. 10

If you've been living in breezy rompers all summer, start transitioning into stylish tracksuits for fall. They give you a similar unified look with more coverage and warmth.


Jump your way into autumn. 11

A stylish romper alternative is a long-sleeved jumpsuit. A jumpsuit gives you an effortless, put-together look.

Whatever you choose to wear this fall, may you feel all kinds of wonderful and enjoy the season.

Navy blue and white is a perfect combination for the fall. 12

This color combo is elegant and timeless, and it is perfect for the fall. Chiquis looked amazing in this crisp white shirt and navy blue wide-leg pants.