Reebok unveils Cardi B-inspired 'Crystal Coated' sneakers & they're fabulous

Cardi b

Reebok created a very limited edition sneaker inspired by Cardi B. Say WHAAAT?! That's right: Cardi B inspired a one-of-a-kind Crystal Coated Club C sneaker by Reebok, and it's about as dazzling as Cardi B herself. There are only 100 pairs of the sneakers, and Reebok is giving away 50 pairs as part of a contest.

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The sneakers are uber special. Aside from being so limited, each pair is adorned with crystals by hand and numbered because they are uniquety-nique. Color-wise, they are white with pink accents.

Keep reading to see the actual Crystal Coated Club C sneaker in all its glory. Plus, we'll tell you how to enter the contest.

First, a little bit about the collection and the collaboration with Cardi B.

The idea of the Meet You There collection and campaign is that "your style is all yours." Cardi seems like the perfect spokesperson for it because she is unabashedly herself ALWAYS. Reebok posted this picture of Cardi sporting the collection and wrote: "Break the standard. Own your individuality in the MYT collection."


What's so special about the collection?

The MYT collection includes items that Reebok thinks work "from the club to the street and back again." There are items available for both men and women.


As part of the campaign, there's a number you can call to hear the sound of nails.

For those who are fans of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), Reebok set up a phone number as part of its Meet You There campaign. When you dial the number, you hear the following message:

"You've reached the Reebok beauty shop, where we always sport the unexpected. You may not realize this, but our nails sound just as good as they look. Press any number to hear one of our nail designs."

By pushing a number, you get to hear any one of the following sounds: nails pushing into gelatin, nails scraping a chalkboard, nails petting a porcupine, nails opening a Reebok Club C box, nails stirring a pool of marbles, nails tapping a champagne glass, nails tapping a table, nails popping a balloon, or nails texting sassily.

And now, behold the limited edition Cardi B-inspired shoes.

The look of the shoes was inspired by the commercial starring Cardi B that was released last month by Reebok. Since only 100 pairs of the shoes exist, your best bet for getting a pair is by entering the contest that Reebok is hosting.

The official contest page reads:

"Like the queen of hip-hop, this drop is one of a kind. There's only 100 pairs and a limited time. Enter to win a pair exclusively through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Start shining."

Reebok will be giving away 50 pairs of the Crystal Coated Club C sneakers inspired by Cardi B. The winners will be chosen on September 7. To enter, you have to use your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device.

Visit the Reebok contest page for all the details. And if you don't win, you could just buy a pair of the sneakers that Cardi wears in the commercial and bling them out yourself.


Check out the full Reebok commercial starring Cardi B that inspired the sneakers.

The commercial is cute, right? The whole "nails growing" thing is kind of creepy, but Cardi does a great job. She seems very natural and relaxed, like she's just being herself, which is kind of the whole point behind the campaign messaging.

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