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Cardi B/Instagram

Cardi B is never too shy to show off some skin and her curvy body. The petite rapper has made a name for herself in the music industry, is a Grammy winner and now movie star, and is a mom, but she never forgets where she came from. Cardi is open about her beginnings as an exotic dancer, and it's where she learned to have the confidence to show off her body--and rightfully so!

Cardi is tiny, but she has enviable curves, and she shows them off with the outfits she chooses to wear. Even when she is fully covered up, her hourglass figure can be seen from a mile away. 

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Even after she welcomed her baby, Kulture, in 2018, Cardi continued showing off her toned abs and tiny waist in barely there outfits and cropped tops. In a matter of months, Cardi's body was right back to her pre-baby shape, and she couldn't help but show it off--and we don't blame her!

The "Money" rapper has also spoken candidly about going under the knife for some nips and tucks, including liposuction, after her child was born. That means she has spent some good money in trying to look exactly how she wants to look, and judging by her shrinking waist, it seems like it was worth her while.

Cardi's dress was an optical illusion. 1

This look was everything. The color blocking and shading on this dress really made Cardi look so tiny, especially around her midsection. 


Cardi looks amazing in whatever she wears. 2

She slays even in this dressed-down look! The hand placement on her hips only helps highlight just how petite her waist is compared to the rest of her body. 


You can tell how curvy she is with this pose. 3

She might be showing off her other assets with this pose, but her small waist is really what grabs the attention here. 

Cardi shows off her abs every chance she gets. 4

She killed it with this outfit, for sure, and the cropped blouse and high-waist skirt really bring all the focus to her midsection.


The rapper loves wearing bodysuits. 5

That's a sure way of showing off how perfectly curved her waist is, and it highlights the impressive hip-to-waist ratio.


Cardi's body has no flaws, and she knows it. 6

Wearing a form-fitting outfit like this one, while sitting down, could cause concern for most women--but not Cardi. There is not one chicho in sight, and her midsection looks amazing.


Cardi's husband is a big fan of hers. 7

Whenever Offset is around her, he can barely keep his hands off her body. This outfit she wore is so tight, it makes it clear just how in shape she is.

Even her business attire looks show off her killer body. 8

She looks like a total boss in this outfit, but that high waist and belt still highlight just how small her waist is. 


It's hard to believe she is this small! 9

Cardi has such a big personality that she commands the attention of any room she walks in. And she does all that while actually being super petite physically. This photo is proof. 

Cardi knows how to dress her body type. 10

No matter what she wears, her outfits are almost always cinched at the waist to show off her body. 


Cardi found herself some great stylists. 11

Choosing the right clothes is all about making sure that you bring attention to your best assets. Cardi's small frame makes her look good in almost anything, and her dresses tend to bring attention to her cleavage, thighs, and backside. 

Cardi's gowns are tailored perfectly to bring out the best in her. 12

Hello, legs! We love how balanced this look is, showing off some skin as well as giving us some fierce fashion. But this design also brings all the attention to her shrinking waist.


Cardi doesn't even need a corset. 13

She might have used it for her role as a dancer in Hustlers, but she surely didn't need it. She's already shaped that way.

This angle makes her body look outrageous. 14

Her waist is so small, but the rest of her body is so curvy. How is this possible?


Cardi got so much attention for this look. 15

Her abs and waist looked so chiseled in this yellow dress that she wore for the 2019 Billboard Awards. 

Her waist looked unreal in this photo. 16

Perhaps it's the angle of the photo, but this almost makes it look like her top half doesn't belong with the rest of her body. Cardi's body is something else!


Cardi makes sure all eyes are on her. 17

Cardi kills it on and off the stage, but this cowgirl look really shows off how small her waist has been getting since she gave birth in 2018.

It's all about the balance. 18

Cardi is not too shy to admit she loves fast food, but it's hard to tell by looking at her. She does a lot of dancing onstage, so maybe that helps keep her in the best shape.