Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara/Instagram

We see a lot of celebrities rocking bikinis, and that's cool and all. Nothing wrong with a bikini. But at the moment, we are loving how fresh and sexy some of our favorite celebs look in one-piece bathing suits. Gone are the days of one-piece bathing suits being frumpy and unimaginative. These are not your abuela's one-piece bathing suits, okurrr?! Nowadays, one-piece bathing suits can go from basic to straight-up glamorous.

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Call us crazy, but at the moment we're feeling like bikinis need to watch out, because clearly, one-piece bathing suits are the new sexy. That's right: We said it! Sheesh, we might even start a campaign to rename "bikini season," because "one-piece season," here we come!

Calm down, bikini lovers; we're not trying to ban bikinis or anything. What we are trying to do is inspire you to consider adding some one-piece looks to your summer pool/beach attire. We think you'll be more than eager to once you see the celebs in this gallery looking all kinds of fantastic in their one-piece bathing suits. Go on, take a look. We know you want to. 

Jennifer Lopez looks like a goddess in this one-piece. 1

We love the deep plunge of the neckline and the high cut on the legs. It's sexy without being too revealing.


Adamari López wears a not-so-basic black one-piece. 2

The detailing on the front of Adamari's bathing suit adds interest. It also flashes a bit of skin in a great way.


Denise Bidot opts for details in a different area. 3

How cute are the laces on this suit? They're in a fun, unexpected area that totally works.

Khloé Kardashian is wearing a logo print. 4

If you are big into a particular label, this is one way to go. There are plenty of different brands you can show your loyalty to this way.


Salma Hayek wears just the label. 5

If you're not into the whole label pattern style that Khloé opted for, you can just go for the one instance like Salma does. The color of this bathing suit looks great on her and contrasts beautifully with her hair.


Sofía Vergara wears a classic animal print. 6

Animal prints are another great pattern option for one-piece suits. The colors on Sofia's leopard-print suit make it seem like a neutral piece that can be worn with a skirt or shorts over it as well.


Kylie Jenner in a classical art print. 7

This is a fun take on the whole print idea. Kylie's one-piece has a classical art print that is not your classic kind of print design for bathing suits.

Kourtney Kardashian sports a one-piece that looks like a bikini. 8

It's like a bikini and a one-piece had a baby, and it looks a little like both of them. In a way, it's the best of both worlds.


Dascha Polanco wins with rings. 9

The ring details on the side of Dascha's suit add a glamorous touch. They might give you a rather interesting tan, too.

Chiquis Rivera is mesh-merizing! 10

What's not to like about this one-piece? It's flattering and timeless, and we love the mesh cover-up Chiquis is wearing with it that still lets you see what's going on underneath.


Gisele Bündchen has a thing or two up her sleeves. 11

We've been seeing more and more long-sleeve bathing suit options, and we likey! They look good, act as a rash guard, and protect your arms from the sun.

Zoe Saldana does transparent. 12

The transparent panels and straps on Zoe's bathing suit give you a clear view of beautiful skin. They also add interest to an otherwise basic cut.


Eva Longoria wears white on white. 13

Proud new mama Eva Longoria rocks a gorgeous white one-piece with a large-brimmed hat that gives her an air of old-school Hollywood. Just remember to get a lined bathing suit when you go for white so that it doesn't go all see-through on you when it gets wet.

Daisy Fuentes does ruffles and cutouts. 14

The cutouts flatter the waist, and the ruffles add a little sumthin' sumthin' to the chest. Daisy looks fantastic in this cut.