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Kim Kardashian knows how to rock a bathing suit like no other. As much as her personal style has evolved over the years, so has her taste in bikinis. The KKW Beauty founder stays ahead of the trends and is often spotted wearing designs that become popular after she wears them. She's quite a trendsetter, even in the swimsuit world. 

The mom of four's body has also changed drastically over the years, and so has her confidence. While she has always shared mirror selfies and vacation pics on Instagram, in the past few years her bikini posts have increased and the size of her swimsuits has decreased. 

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She has a lot to show off these days. It's clear that while her waist has gotten smaller, the rest of her body has gotten even curvier and she's never shy to put it all on display. Kim can be found on vacation at least twice a year, or taking in the sun's rays poolside, so there's no lack of bikini pics on her Instagram page. 

She has some swimwear standouts and some memorable ones that broke the internet. Some caused quite the controversy because they revealed so much of her body. But Kim is carefree and doesn't let anyone tell her what to do with her page. Scroll through to check out some of Kim's most memorable and jaw-dropping bathing suit pics. 

We love when Kim wears bright colors. 1

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While we tend to see her in more muted hues, whenever she wears a bright color like this one-piece orange bathing suit, it stands out. It brings out her gorgeous tan and brings her back to life. 


Little black bikinis are a must. 2

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Valentine’s Surprise Getaway 📷 Kanye

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Kim is living a dream life. For Valentine's Day 2019, her husband, Kanye West, whisked her away for a surprise tropical getaway. He was also the one behind the camera and who snapped these gorgeous pics of his wife at the beach. 


This bathing suit is something else. 3

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More Cabo ☀️🕶

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This design will surely make for one awkward tan or sunburn. She wore this during a trip to Cabo and looked amazing in it, and she knows it, too! She made sure to have a full on photo shoot on some stairs that complemented her look. 

This simple yet sexy bikini looks awesome on her. 4

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Always packing

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This color of bathing suit is perfect for a trip to Miami, right? Kim tried on the cutest little pink bathing suit while packing for a trip and it surely looked amazing on her. 


Kim and Kylie Jenner are on fire. 5

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Yin 🤎 Yang 🖤

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These two aren't shy to show off their physiques. Her bikini moments with her sister Kylie are always on fire. These have such similar body shapes and they love to show off their curvy figures in the tiniest and cutest bikinis. 


Her Halloween 2019 costume was everything! 6

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Harvard Law.... What? Like it’s hard???

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The KKW Beauty founder dressed up as Elle Woods from the movie Legally Blonde. She put on a similar bikini that the character wore during one of the scenes, and it looked killer on her! She definitely nailed this look.


She stays ahead of the style game. 7

Neon green bathing suits were all the rage for summer 2019, but Kim was already wearing the color the year before. She even matched her bathing suit to her kayak. Now that's dedication.

Kim should definitely stick to these bright colors. 8

The orange suit looks so beautiful on her tan skin. She paired the look with tiny sunglasses, which were on trend 2018, and wore her hair in braids. So cute!


Kim was a lady in red Chanel. 9

Of course she would wear a designer bathing suit to tan! The red looks so good on her and her stomach is so toned in this snap from 2018. 

Kim wore this trendy style in 2018. 10

The tube top and high-waist bottoms were all the rage in the bikini world in 2018. Kim rocked it so well during a vacation with her husband. It was clear she had been hitting the gym hard. 


Kim is a big fan of the tiny black bikini. 11

Her bikini bottoms are barely visible in this photo she shared in June 2019. She can for sure get away with wearing tiny bikinis because her body looks on point. Cellulite, where?

Kim shared this throwback in 2015. 12

One Kim was not enough for this throwback Instagram post of her in a red bathing suit. The shot was taken during the family's trip to the Dominican Republic. 


This is such an epic shot. 13

The sunshine made this photo look incredible. Kim's body is also so insane, and her legs muscles were totally shining through. 

Kim looks amazing in this tiny white bikini. 14

Kim took it back with a classic mirror selfie for this bikini shot. Her waist is definitely the highlight of this pic, even though her cleavage is also taking some of the attention. 


Kim broke the internet with this photo. 15

Just months after giving birth to daughter North in 2013, Kim shared this sizzling photo of herself in a white bathing suit. Her body looked so curvy and her husband, Kanye West, was a big fan of the pic. He responded to it on Twitter writing, "Heading home now."

A little metallic fabric never hurt anyone. 16

Kim looked drop-dead gorgeous on vacation with her friend Larsa Pippen. The ladies had a photo shoot in matching bathing suits and showed off their best poses.


Her curves look so insane here. 17

Everyone knows that lying down is the best way to get a great bikini pic. Kim for sure is the queen of angles and this photo makes her curves look amazing.

Kim is all about the bikini mirror selfies. 18

This pink bikini looks so good on her. It's definitely a classic style but Kim was totally feeling it on herself. 


Kim headed to Mexico and tried this new style. 19

Kim wore this unusual one-piece white design in Mexico in 2016. There are not many people who could pull off a design like this, but she did. This was just months after giving birth to baby Saint.

She's a huge fan of this angle. 20

This peach-colored bathing suit totally blends in with her tan skin. She wore this in 2017 and took a picture of herself relaxing poolside. She looks amazing!


There's nothing like classic string bikini. 21

She wore this red bikini to go paddleboarding and looked phenomenal. It's incredible to see how much her body has changed since 2014.

Kim really braved the cold for a good Instagram pic. 22

She rocked a fur bikini in 2015 and posed with matching fur boots in the snow. We doubt she'd wear this to the beach, but it looks so great on her.