Kim Kardashian wears red latex leggings & sizzles

Kim Kardashian at Avengers screening
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Rapper, singer, producer, and Kylie Jenner's boyfriend, Travis Scott, is turning 28 on April 30. The birthday celebration started on the 25th, though. Kylie threw her man a party that included a screening of the movie Avengers: Endgame at a movie theater in West Lake Village, California. Even though it was a birthday celebration for Travis Scott with a movie screening, all eyes were on Kim Kardashian and the red latex leggings she wore to the event.

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Kim's whole look was a kind of nod to superhero chic without looking like a costume or being a direct reference to any particular superhero--although, some are saying it's reminiscent of superhero Wanda Maximoff as played by Elizabeth Olsen. It doesn't matter if there is a reference or not because Kim's outfit stands well all on its own, as you'll see.

Here's a look at Kim's entire ensemble.

She wore a maroon crop top, painted-on red latex leggings, blinged-out heels, and topped it all off with a rather lived-in looking gray hoodie.


The top is a one-shouldered number.

Most people wouldn't think to pair maroon with candy apple red, but it works for Kim. The top does not steal focus from the pants, but the one-shoulder detail adds interest.


Then there's the shoes.

Her heels give you an excuse to look her up and down without getting called out for it. The red sandals are the same shade of red as her leggings, but it's all that crystal detail that catches your eye.

Can we talk about these leggings?!

They are FIRE! High-waisted, flattering, lookin' like they are painted on without squeezing anything that shouldn't be squeezed. 'Cause you know leggings like this could easily make a person look like they've got two hot dogs for legs, but we don't see any hot dogs here.


And what about the schlumpy hoodie?

We like it! It gives the outfit a more casual look. And a shout out to the red licorice that Kim is clutching. You think she ate it or was she just carrying it around because it goes with her outfit? 

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