Kim Kardashian shares North's fashion tantrum & we are so here for it

kim kardashian and north west
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian West shared a series of photos featuring her 5-year-old daughter North West prancing around in head-to-toe pink. In the photos you can see North wearing a pair of pink snakeskin stiletto boots that are WAY too big because they belong to her mother.

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The progression of the photos is hilarious, because North goes from lookin' all proud of herself and how she's dressed herself to a complete and total meltdown. The last picture, you guys--the last picture is so funny! You have to see it to appreciate the effect.

Look everyone, North dressed herself!

Here's Miss West rocking an outfit that she picked out all by herself. All items except those boots appear to be hers. The pink snakeskin print dress, the pink stuffie backpack, and the pink notebook all look like they are hers. But check out those boots! Those boots are not meant for a child!


OMAIGA! How does she even manage to stay upright?!

There are grown women who can't manage to walk in those kinds of heels, but North makes it look like it's no big thang. That child has some serious balancing skills.


These boots were made for walkin'!

And that's just what North is doing in them: She's walkin'! Given that she's not even 6 years old yet, it's pretty impressive that she can walk not just in high-heeled boots but in high-heeled boots that are WAY too big for her. This girl is on the move; she's got places to go!

But wait, why the tears?

Look at her! That pain is real. She's buckling at the knees like the weight of so much sorrow is just too much for her to bear. What happened that crushed her spirit like that?


Her mother happened!

We're dying! Sure, Kim was amused that North dressed herself, but she was not about to let North go out in those boots. Well, North was clearly crushed, and can you blame her when those boots match her dress so well?

So cute! Thanks for sharing this fashion meltdown with everyone, Kim. It was so fun--unlike some of Kanye's breakdowns, which aren't funny because they make us worry about his mental health and whether he's taking care of himself.

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