Chiquis Rivera gives a glimpse inside her closet & OMG

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Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

If there's one thing we know about Chiquis Rivera, it's that she loves fashion. There's never a time that we don't see her looking gorgeous and glamorous, even when she's wearing just a casual tracksuit. Chiquis shared some Instagram pics of her closet, and it's clear that she's a true fashionista. Her shoe and purse collection is insane!

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The walk-in is covered in shelves that are full of the most beautiful high-heeled shoes and the prettiest designer bags. Chiquis was showing off her brand-new full-length mirror, but we couldn't help but notice how stunning her closet truly is. It's only right that someone who loves clothes so much would have the proper space to store them, right? The best part is she might even give us an even closer look at her space soon!

Chiquis posed for some pics inside her super-organized closet.

Chiquis snapped some mirror selfies, wearing a black tracksuit and colorful sneakers with a Gucci purse. In the pic you can see she has floor-to-ceiling shelves inside her closet that are full of gorgeous high-heeled shoes. We love the design and the way the space is decorated. 


Chiquis and brother Johnny tested out her new vanity full-length mirror.

"I’m loving my new full body vanity mirror by @drea.m_vanities! Can you tell? Haha," she captioned the series of Instagram pics. 


Her beau Lorenzo also hopped in to take some couple pics.

She said the mirror was decorated with plastic white bulbs, which makes it so much safer. This is also a great mirror for her to do her makeup in and to model her favorite outfits.

She was definitely having some fun in there.

Chiquis' all-white closet is full of purses, heels, and stunning clothing. Of course, she has a lot of designer gear in there (including that Chanel bag we spotted at the top of her shelves!). We have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of mirror selfies from Chiquis after this purchase.


The singer wanted to know if her fans would want her to do a deep dive into her wardrobe.

Chiquis did a poll asking her fans if they wanted an inside look at her closet.

"Alright guys, so you know I rarely almost never post my things or my closet or my stuff. It's not my style," she said. "But I was wondering if you wanted me to do a YouTube video on my closet."

She also explained that there's a reason why she has so much stuff.

She said she would break down the meaning behind her most treasured items in the YouTube clip. "There's a lot of memories and facts sitting in shoes," she shared. "There's a lot of things I don't get rid of because there's a cute story behind it."


This isn't the first time Chiquis invited cameras into her space.

She invited El Gordo y La Flaca into her closet in 2014 and showed off some of her amazing shoes and even some that her mom, Jenni Rivera, had purchased for her. We can't wait to see the newer version and to hear all the stories behind her clothes and shoes!

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