Chiquis Rivera & Lorenzo Mendez twin in matching animal print & fans are loving it

Chiquis Rivera Lorenzo Mendez
Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

Every couple has its own love language. For Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez, their love language is looking amazing together. The couple loves posing for photos together, but their most recent photo shoot is so wild and left us all in awe. 

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The adorable couple posed for some pics together while wearing matching cheetah print outfits, making it the perfect twinning moment. Chiquis looked fierce in a cheetah jumpsuit, while her man looked so cool and trendy in a matching cheetah jacket. While it might seem like overkill for some, it somehow totally worked for them!

These two are a total power couple!

We love how Chiquis is looking at her beau in this pic taken by photographer Michael Lopez. In turn, Lorenzo is looking at her so lovingly, it's so sweet. The singer styled his animal print jacket by Fashion Nova Men with a black T-shirt and black jeans, while Chiquis wore her outfit with some leather booties with spikes on them. So edgy!


The second pic she posted is so cute.

It's clear these two are closer than ever. Chiquis looks totally smitten in this pic and we really love seeing her smile this much with him by her side. Fans were totally loving their looks. One commented: "Ya’ll look so damn cute together!!! 😍❤️ Love the matching." Another fan wrote: "You look so happy wish you nothing but the best. May God bless you both Always."


Chiquis previously shared a full body shot of her look and it was everything!

Chiquis' jumpsuit is also from Fashion Nova and she killed it! We love how it looks with her shorter hair and those big hoops.

Lorenzo was also really feeling his look.

He posed a photo of himself wearing the jacket on March 14, and his pose was so cool. We love seeing how happy these two are together and since Lorenzo revealed they already have a wedding date set, we are sure we'll be seeing more amazing pics of these two together.

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