kendall jenner snake print dress
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Celebrities have gone wild over animal print! There are trends and styles that people continue to recycle over the years, and the latest wave of animal prints has taken the fashion world by storm.

Everywhere you look, you can find all sorts of clothes and accessories made out of everything from the highly popular snakeskin print to classic cheetah and leopard prints, and some celebs have even been rocking zebra-inspired pieces. The looks have taken over Instagram and clothing stores, and some stars have even shown off the look while they walked down the red carpet.

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The best part about this trend is that the prints are so classic and timeless, they will be wearable for years to come. There's something about these prints that makes even the simplest clothing item look and feel sexier. They can be worn dressed down with jeans or snazzed up for a night out with your friends or date nights with your beau. There are really no limits. 

If you don't already have a few pieces in your closet, we recommend that you add some as soon as possible. You will look stylish if you put together a killer outfit--and you'll fit right in with what your favorite stars are wearing right now. Scroll through to take a look at some pieces that you might want to add to your wardrobe!

Kendall Jenner's snake-print outfit fits her like a dream. 1

Kendall Jenner's snake-print outfit fits her like a dream.

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She wore a matching blouse and skirt designed by Ronny Kobo, opening it up at the front to make it more flirty. The whole ensemble fits her so well, it's making us want to run and buy this look. 


Chiquis Rivera is the definition of fierce in this outfit. 2

Chiquis looked amazing in this Fashion Nova jumpsuit. The singer wore this gorgeous, eye-grabbing outfit with black booties, leaving a few buttons open to show off some cleavage. 


Kim Kardashian did head-to-toe leopard print and killed it. 3

Kim attended Paris Fashion Week in March 2019 and wore a stunning Alaïa leopard look that fit her perfectly. 

Salma Hayek even took the trend to the beach. 4

Salma wore the jungle-inspired one-piece bikini to the beach, and she looked phenomenal. The cutouts perfectly highlighted her tiny waist, and the low-cut neckline showed off her best assets.


Kylie Jenner can make even the most simple dress look so beautiful. 5

This gorgeous brown animal-print slip-on dress is so perfect for just about any occasion. It might be trendy right now, but it is also timeless. 


Ana Bárbara can make any outfit look amazing. 6

But she rocked the heck out of this animal-print ensemble! The Fashion Nova outfit looked amazing on her.


Michelle Salas found the perfect pants for going on safari. 7

The fashionista is totally loving this animal-print trend. One look at her Instagram and you'll see she wears the looks just about everywhere, in any print imaginable. 

Sofía Vergara's casual looks are always worth copying. 8

She paired this A-line zebra skirt with a black sweater and added a pop of color with red heels.


Karla Martínez has the boots everyone wants right now. 9

These snakeskin boots have been all the rage this winter. You can carry them into spring by wearing them with your favorite dresses.

Eiza González's hat is proof that animal print is timeless. 10

She shared this selfie wearing a gorgeous cheetah-print hat that her mom had passed down to her. She captioned it: "My mom gave me her favorite 1920s vintage hat ❤️I love her❤️."


Giselle Blondet wore the most beautiful dress from her own collection. 11

This silk wrap dress is so stunning and fits her so well. Giselle modeled it for her own clothing website, and we love that she paired it with bright red earrings.

Demi Lovato looked amazing in this dress. 12

Demi Lovato looked amazing in this dress.

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We love the plunging neckline and loose-fitting sleeves! Demi wore this leopard-print dress to the Billboard Music Awards in 2018 and looked so good. 


Cardi B looked like a modern businesswoman in this suit. 13

The zebra pantsuit fit her so perfectly, and we love that she also matched her wig to the ensemble.

Kourtney Kardashian knows a thing or two about fashion. 14

The stylish mom of three has always dressed to impress, and with this leopard-print raincoat, it looks like she's ready for April showers.


Alejandra Espinoza even keeps her son on trend. 15

We love this casual sweater Alejandra was wearing, but the best part is she found a shirt for her adorable son to match her.

Anitta took the trend to the next level. 16

Anitta took the trend to the next level.

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If you're more into bright colors for spring, don't fret. There are so many designs with colorful animal prints, like this purple dress worn by singer Anitta to the Latin American Music Awards in 2018.


Ana Patricia Gámez has the perfect cozy jacket for those chilly spring nights. 17

She wore this coat during a visit to New York in the middle of winter, but you can definitely lighten up any going-out look with this gorgeous leopard-print coat.

Rihanna is the queen of fashion. 18

Rihanna is the queen of fashion.

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Rihanna couldn't have worn more snakeskin print if she tried. She was decked out in the fabric from head to toe, wearing a matching bucket hat and a pair of heels that are to die for.


Inés Gómez Mont rocked some super-cute zebra booties. 19

Your favorite animal-print booties can work long into spring if you pair them with skirts, shorts, and dresses like Inés Gómez Mont did. 

Natti Natasha rocked this one-piece like no other. 20

The singer looked stunning in a one-piece cheetah turtleneck outfit and thigh-high boots.


Victoria Beckham knows a whole lot about style. 21

Victoria Beckham knows a whole lot about style.

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This blouse would be perfect to wear to just about any occasion. From work to parent/teacher conferences to a night out with your friends.

Adamari López looked so adorable in this snake-print dress. 22

The red belt around the waist is what truly pulls this outfit together.


Heidi Klum went a little wild. 23

Heidi Klum went a little wild.

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The supermodel fully committed to the animal-print trend by wearing a matching hot pink suit and blouse. The brightly colored print truly makes her stand out among the rest.

Jordyn Woods wore this trendy two-piece ensemble. 24

The young model paired the snake-print top and matching trousers with some chic white Chanel sneakers. She might not be part of the Kardashian-Jenner crew anymore, but Jordy still has style.