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Adamari López returned to Un Nuevo Día refreshed and with a new style that has left us all in awe these past few weeks. The beloved TV host returned to our screens following a health scare that she struggled with at the end of 2018. In the two months that she was off the air, in which she almost lost her life, the actress was not only able to beat death, but she also found time to reevaluate a lot of things. And it looks like that those tough times not only made her stronger, but they also made her shine brighter than ever.

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Those of us who were present for Adamari's return to television were witnesses of that light that has always surrounded her is beaming with more intensity than ever. Her fashion choices have been so cute since she's been back and she even looks slimmer. The Puerto Rican star is showing an intense joy for life and her new clothes seem to be making her even happier. Once you see them, you'll see why. She looks amazing!

So many of her recent outfits have been created thanks to the creative genius of her new stylist Reading Pantaléon, who knows how to capture the host's beautiful essence and puts it on display through her gorgeous looks, which are definitely worth copying. Wait until you see each and every one of them and you'll be able to choose your favorite, and there are many to choose from since they're all so beautiful. 

Adamari López returned to TV with an updated look. 1

Adamari López returned to TV with an updated look.

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This was the gorgeous blush pink dress that Adamari wore for her return to Un Nuevo Día. She wore it with her hair pulled back and subtle makeup, and looked angelic. She is so beautiful!


Adamari captivated us with this cream dress for a special occasion. 2

The TV host and her daughter Alaïa looked lovely in these looks they wore to a wedding. Ada's makeup with the dark lip looked incredible on her.


Adamari López dazzled in a white fringed dress. 3

With an all-white look and her hair pin straight, the host inspired us to get some white heels. This look is ideal to wear to any event, in the day or night time.

Adamari López showed us that shirt dresses look amazing on her. 4

She looks like she could pass as fashion designer Carolina Herrera's sister! Adamari looks so chic and elegant in this little number.


She has explored her sophisticated side. 5

Adamari has evolved so much in her profession and in her style, and now we see her exploiting her sophistication and she looks like an elegant and grown woman.

The color purple looks so wonderful on her. 6

For those of us who are shorter, sometimes we stay away from wearing long dresses. Well, this look inspires us to leave those fears behind and experiment with length. The plunging neckline and the bell sleeves are completely flattering for her silhouette.


The color black completely turned up the elegance level. 7

This dress is as much elegant as it is fun. Who said that black is boring? Take a look at this style with long sleeves and open shoulders. Find a similar one and you'll always have something to wear.

Jumpsuits also look amazing on her! 8

This cute ensemble showed off her sweeter side that we're used to seeing from her. We love that she hasn't lost that essence that made us love her so much!


We've also seen her wear some stylish prints. 9

Prints work when you know how to wear them. In this case, with this gold chain print, Ada looked stunning.

These coordinated pieces look great together. 10

With this outfit of a skirt and blouse combo, the host gave us a good example of how to invest in separate pieces that work well together and create a timeless wardrobe. 


She also hasn't lost her sense of humor. 11

This style is super similar to what we were used to seeing from her. We love that she's still maintaining her great sense of humor with this shirt.

The color red makes her stand out. 12

This simple long sleeved, loose-fitting dress is a total win. It makes her look comfortable and elegant. Paired with nude pumps, it's simply all you need to look great for any occasion.


Adamari looked so youthful and pretty in this outfit. 13

This Clueless-inspired outfit is everything! Reading paired the gray dress, which has a white collar and sleeves, with a white belt to cinch her waist. Her matching open-toed shoes completed the look.