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Chiquis Rivera is a body-positive fashionista. The entertainer loves clothes, and the proof is all over her Instagram. Her feed is basically a style blog! Despite being bullied over her curvy figure, Chiquis does not shy away from the camera. With pride, she constantly breaks the fashion rules curvy women are sick of hearing. Instead of hiding in black clothes, Chiquis proudly wears colorful outfits, and she documents them on social media for all of her fans to see. By taking fashion risks, Chiquis is inspiring her fans to feel less self-conscious and experiment with their own style in the process.

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When it comes to silhouettes that work on her body type, Chiquis has that on lock. But you don't need to look like Chiquis to get ideas on how to add more color to your wardrobe. The star has mastered how to do that from head to toe. From headpieces to outerwear to shoes, there's no place where she won't at least add a pop of color. She even ties in her makeup into the color palette of her looks!

Standing out is not a game for Chiquis. Her favorite way to do it is with prints, another thing women with curves have been taught to avoid. Chiquis wears them anyway and in every color under the sun. She kills in those looks so often that you'll be inspired to make bolder statements with your fashion in no time. Here are some of Chiquis' most colorful fashion moments that will make you say YAS! 

Chiquis looked like the perfect rainbow. 1

Who else can pull off a look quite like this? The brightly colored top plus the hot pink jacket are such a great combo. It might be a little much for some, but Chiquis pulls it off so well.


She's a vision in red. 2

This colorful outfit is so flattering. She looks lovely in this one-piece red pantsuit. The print is so stylish, and it looks amazing on Chiquis! 


She knows how important it is to add a splash of color. 3

Even when you're wearing an all-black outfit, your accessories can always be the pop of color you need. This long jacket and matching purse look amazing on her!

The singer looked so pretty in purple. 4

This gorgeous purple dress is just so beautiful. That color looks amazing on her, and she's really wearing it well. 


This bright orange shirt looks gorgeous with her complexion. 5

These tones and colors look so great on Chiquis! She is so fair-skinned, so a bright pop of color makes her really stand out.


She really loves to wear the color orange. 6

Chiquis is such a girly girl; she matches her outfit down to her water bottle. So cute!


Chiquis loves a good coordinated set. 7

Here she is wearing one while being hugged up by her man Lorenzo Méndez. The color palette is giving us major '70s vibes. Chiquis used gold booties to complete the look.

This red satin co-ord set was fire. 8

Leave it to Chiquis to find shoes with laces that match and a lipstick as well. She puts a lot of thought into her outfits.


She makes incorporating a pop of color look easy. 9

A basic outfit like jeans and a black tee stand out with a bright yellow jacket. This one was perfect for the "Boss Bee Nation" queen.

Denim and color is one of her go-to combos. 10

Chiquis was feeling herself in this orange outfit. Her curves looked amazing in this matching cropped jacket and miniskirt set.


Chiquis had the ultimate pop of neon pink in this outfit. 11

The statement boots did all of the heavy lifting in this look. Her cartoon shirt dress and youthful hairstyle made everything feel playful.

Chiquis has a large collection of accessories and outerwear that help her command attention. 12

Pink is one of her favorite colors to wear, and she even incorporated the color into this umbrella from her Be Flawless Skin line. Her rainbow Gucci scarf didn't go unnoticed either.


Here she is pretty in pink again. 13

This faux fur coat is the only thing she needed to take her all-black look to the next level. The jewels on her beanie are the cherry on top.

She slayed in blue velvet. 14

Chiquis looked ready to hit the stage in this number. Her glam accessories and updo sealed the deal.


This colorful abstract print dress was a gorgeous choice. 15

Being short and curvy doesn't stop Chiquis from rocking a maxi length and a bold design at the same time. She turned this into a matchy-matchy moment by picking heels and earrings in the same cobalt blue found on the dress.

This feather-print wrap dress was another winner. 16

Chiquis looked seriously fly in this multicolor dress. Her coordinating orange wedges took the look to the next level.


Chiquis hit this colorful moment out of the park. 17

The red feathers on this yellow maxi dress give unexpected pops of color. Chiquis' headband keeps that boldness going.

Chiquis served up major Mexican pride with this look. 18

She hit the stage in a jumpsuit reflecting all of the colors of the country's flag. "VIVA MÉXICO!!!!!" the singer screamed in the caption of this post.


Chiquis goes above and beyond when she does animal print. 19

This red dress has animals literally running all over it. The wrap style is such a good choice for her because it perfectly hugs her curves.

Chiquis loves colorful pants, and she chose a fun pink top to go with this pair. 20

Curvy girls are constantly told to stay away from busy prints, especially on bottoms. Chiquis laughs right in the face of that outdated rule and looks great doing it.


Chiquis was shining bright in these orange camo print cargo pants. 21

The black lace-up top and combat boots kept the tough vibe going. She wore the look with the attitude it required.

This is how Chiquis does a leopard-print suit. 22

In color, of course! A black crop top is a staple in her closet and a no-brainer for this outfit. The black pom-pom heels are so cute!


You already know that she's making a statement on the beach. 23

Chiquis vacationed in this tropical two-piece cover-up last year. She paired it with a vibrant red lip that picked up on the flowers in the print.

Even her bohemian moments have a hefty dose of color. 24

This red floral robe looked great over her white tank top and flared jeans. Her bandana and handbag matched, of course.


We don't think Chiquis has met a jumpsuit that she didn't love. 25

This blue one she wore for a concert last year was such a win. Her lace undergarment and glittering accessories made this look extra special.

You would be hard-pressed to find Chiquis in a traditional black suit. 26

And why would she wear that when she could kill it in blue? The pink lip added another fun element to the classic look.


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