A pair of chic and oversized sunglasses are a must and can save you from so many style problems. Even if you're not a fan of oversized lenses, on a bad day, when you haven't had time to do your makeup or your hair isn't perfect, using this accessory to distract and cover up is a great option. Celebs know it and that's why many have in their style roundups many pairs of extravagant, oversized numbers that help them go through life without a care in the world. Follow the lead of some of our fave celebs, like Luis Miguel's daughter Michelle Salas, Cardi B and Thalía, who love rocking oversized sunglasses and look fab doing so.

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Whether they're hiding from the entire world or it's simply a case of the opposite--they want to have all the attention with their extravagant eye wear. An example of the latter is our Cardi B, who doesn't miss an opportunity to surprise us--whether it's with her actions, her photos on social media or her choice of clothes. Recently, she wore a fuzzy pair of feline print glasses and rocked them at a fashion show in Milan.

Sofía Reyes and Michelle Salas are two risk-takers when it comes to fashion and they're not afraid to sport the most out-there styles. But honestly, they are both so gorgeous that when you see them, you'll seriously consider getting yourself a pair of these big sunglasses. But it's not just the millennials-- Salma Hayek, Yuri and Alejandra Guzmán are also not afraid to rock the oversized sunglasses and they look amazing also. Check them out in our gallery!

Cardi B made these fuzzy sunglasses look hot AF during Milan Fashion Week. 1

The Dominican rapper wore this fierce pair during the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Milan. Would you dare wear these?


Jennifer Lopez is the originator of the sunglasses that are just a teensy bit extra. 2

Jennifer Lopez is the originator of the sunglasses that are just a teensy bit extra.


Even from her early days, Jennifer Lopez was a style trendsetter. This style from 2001 gave rise to what is now known as the J.Lo floppy hat--and the sunglasses complement it perfectly.


Jennifer Lopez continues to wow us with her eyewear choices. 3

Jennifer Lopez continues to wow us with her eyewear choices.


This pair that she rocked at an afterparty for the VMAs is quintessential J.Lo: loud, beautiful and chic. Even at night, she knows how to rock the shades.

Kim Kardashian and North match their crazy eyewear. 4

Kim K and her mini-me North are twinning and winning in these crazy oversized sunglasses.


Michelle Salas matches her glasses to her scarf. 5

It's total sophistication from Luis Miguel's daughter. We love!


Michelle Salas is on our list again with an out-of-this-world pair. 6

Michelle wore these during Milan Fashion Week, backstage at Dolce & Gabbana.


Lady Gaga used these sunglasses on the red carpet to elevate her look. 7

She matched her deep red lips to her deep red glasses and looked incredible.

Thalía goes about her daily life wearing this huge pair, of course. 8

In Thalía's life, nothing is normal, including the eye wear she chooses for her daily errands.


Thalía is not one to shy away from big. 9

Ever since she burst onto the entertainment scene years ago, nothing conventional suits the superstar. Which is why it's not surprising to see her rocking a pair of huge sunglasses adorned with crystals and jewels.

Even Khloe Kardashian's baby, True, shows us how to use oversized peepers. 10

These Gucci stunners are a cool $650, which makes them the most expensive baby eyewear we've ever seen!


Salma Hayek sported an oversized pair during her summer vacation. 11

Salma had these Stella McCartney beauties during her recent vacation, during which she went all natural and makeup-free.

Salma Hayek again showed off her style in Cannes. 12

Salma looks quintessentially French in these pics from her Instagram, but the best accessory are those oversized sunglasses that make her look chic to the max.


Camila Cabello wore a pretty vintage pair for a magazine shoot. 13

The white-rimmed cat-eye glasses were the perfect accessory for her Cosmopolitan cover story in July 2018.

Another superstar, Yuri wears her amazing peepers drinking her morning cafecito. 14

We all want to do the same basically every morning, but none of us could pull it off like this diva.


Yuri looked amazing in this sweet pair of daisy-rimmed glasses. 15

Yuri looked amazing in this sweet pair of daisy-rimmed glasses.

This happy pair and the beautiful smiling Yuri totally made our day.

Alejandra Guzmán will always be a rebel soul. 16

Ale will forever be the rocker chick who eschews all the rules--including for normal eyewear!


Thalía's niece Camila Sodi has also rocked her fair share of chic oversized sunglasses. 17

Even this sporty pair is a true fashion statement.

Singer Sofía Reyes makes this cat-eye inspired pair look hot. 18

The rose-colored glasses really add to her look.


Reyes keeps her look super cool with unique eyewear. 19

This vintage pair of glasses are not so oversized, but they're so pretty we couldn't leave them out of our list.

Another Michelle Salas pair that we are loving. 20

We love the red rims on these gorgeous sunglasses! LuisMi's daughter is a true style icon.