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Cardi B is living her best life, starting with her fashion choices. Cardi is quickly establishing herself as one of the most stylish celebrities in the music industry, and she has been doing so with the help of her personal stylist, Kollin Carter. The pair has put together some incredibly over-the-top looks that have gotten everyone's attention--and the rapper has rocked every single one effortlessly. She has become a Fashion Week and red carpet staple, with people always looking forward to see what she'll wear. But she's been killing her casual and stage looks, too. 

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Cardi has been wearing looks that are just as out of this world as her personality, and there's no denying that she's become fashion's "it" girl in just a short time. Designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino have been dressing her for major events and even for her stage looks. The "Bodak Yellow" rapper has been taking full advantage that she has access to these high-end brands and the best stylists in the game.

One of the best ways she has used fashion to benefit her is when she chose the perfect looks to help her conceal her pregnancy. Cardi and her stylist made sure that the outfits she chose were going to help keep her secret--and it worked for quite some time! Cardi has delivered some insane and outrageous looks ever since she became a major star, so scroll through to see some of her most daring and risk-taking looks so far.

Cardi literally stopped traffic in Paris. 1

The rapper flew to France for Paris Fashion Week in September 2019 and one of her outfits actually stopped traffic. The ensemble, designed by Richard Quinn, completely covered her face, and it was totally wild. 


Cardi really loves a good print. 2

No matter how busy the print on her outfit might be, Cardi definitely makes it work. She also plays with textures, and the fur sleeves added a nice touch to this ensemble she wore during Paris Fashion Week in September 2019.


She somehow made latex look tasteful. 3

She took an ensemble that was perfect for a girls' night out and made it fashion. The purple latex dress and boots were designed by Nicolas Jebran and the outfit looked perfect on her.

She was dressed in head-to-toe Chanel in Paris. 4

This outfit is insanely gorgeous! Cardi put on a classic Chanel outfit and wore it so well. She mixed a few different kinds of prints, but it totally worked.


She gave us some major teacher or librarian vibes with this one. 5

Class is in session! Cardi took the pencil skirt and blazer combo to the next level with this look. The exaggerated shoulder pads and padding on the skirt add an extra touch of drama to the outfit. 


Cardi loves an outfit that gets her all the attention. 6

This eye-catching hot pink fringed jumpsuit was the perfect accessory for Cardi's dancing. The fringes moved at the rhythm she moved, and it provided such a great visual experience.


She looked like a pearl in its oyster at the 2019 Grammys. 7

She looked like a pearl in its oyster at the 2019 Grammys.

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Cardi turned heads in this vintage gown at the 2019 Grammy Awards ceremony in February. It might have been difficult to walk in, but the gown surely made her stand out. 

Cardi makes her own rules. 8

Cardi is all about wearing high-end designers. This one-piece Chanel outfit she wore sort of resembles scuba diving gear, but she rocked it with so much confidence. She matched the designer logos to her shoes and her hat, making her a true accessories queen.


There's definitely something in particular that stands out with this outfit. 9

Cardi rocked the baggie pants and chunky designer sneakers look that all the younglings have been wearing, but that's not why this look made the list. The mesh top she wore with the outfit left little to the imagination, and Cardi's cleavage was on full display.

Celebrities usually go all out for their stage outfits. 10

Celebrities usually go all out for their stage outfits.

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But this one Cardi wore to the 92.3 Real Street festival in August 2019 was a bit out there. The white one-piece ensemble was covered in colorful stars, but it was the cutouts around her hip area that made her outfit a little strange.


Cardi really loves these one-piece catsuits. 11

Cardi really loves these one-piece catsuits.

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They make her body look incredible, so of course she wears them repeatedly. There's just something about the pattern and the loud color that makes this look really stand out--and not necessarily in a good way.

She brought the '90s back with this look. 12

Cardi B surely loves her some Chanel. The rapper wore a formfitting outfit that was covered with the Chanel logo and paired it with a simple white T-shirt underneath. She looked like she stepped right out of a '90s sitcom.


Cardi knows how to make an entrance. 13

Cardi knows how to make an entrance.

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Cardi showed up to the NYC Beautycon Festival 2019 wearing an over-the-top fur coat. While New York winters are pretty rough, she wore this in April, which is already pretty much springtime. 

Cardi added a little country flair to her sexy stage outfit. 14

Cardi was ready for the rodeo in this getup. We've never seen a cowgirl look this good! 


Cardi B wore this stunning white ensemble to a very important place. 15

This outfit is not outrageous at all. It is actually super stylish and chic. What's outrageous about it is that Cardi had it made by Christian Siriano especially for a court appearance she had in April 2019. The rapper captioned this Instagram post: "Court flow." She is something else! 

There's something about Cardi in feathers. 16

This all-mint outfit with a wide-brimmed hat just works on Cardi! She's outdoing herself. 


Cardi has a thing for Chanel. 17

This schoolgirl-inspired outfit makes her look so fashion-forward. That Chanel button-down is so cute.

She killed it in this open back outfit. 18

Not only is her back exposed, so is her entire backside in those sheer biker shorts. This was at the Mugler fashion show in Paris on September 26, 2018.


Cardi B took Paris Fashion Week by storm in September 2018. 19

Cardi had quite the fashion month, but she rocked a custom hat and gown designed by Michael Costello, and it was proof that the rapper can absolutely slay high fashion.

Cardi isn't afraid to make a statement. 20

She also wore an ostrich plume trouser suit designed by Christian Cowan during Paris Fashion Week in 2018, and it was STUNNING. 


Animal print is a fashionista's best friend. 21

She channeled her inner Fran Drescher from The Nanny in a head-to-toe animal-print design by Dolce & Gabbana at their show in Milan. Check out those furry sunglasses.

She wore a bright red Dolce & Gabbana dress during the infamous Nicki Minaj fight in September 2018. 22

The dress was unfortunately ripped during the altercation at New York City's The Plaza, but there's no denying that she looked like a total princess in it. She rocked it at a NYFW party and looked pretty incredible.


Cardi rocked her baby bump at the 2018 Met Gala on May 7, 2018. 23

She wore a breathtaking cream gown designed by Moschino's Jeremy Scott, and she left everyone in awe.

This look gave us Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation" vibes. 24

I wonder if I could pull this look off so effortlessly. Cardi wore this back in March 2018 and totally killed it.


Kollin channeled "In Living Color" for this Cardi look. 25

She wore this during her performance at the 2018 Grammys alongside Bruno Mars for their hit "Finesse."

Cardi turned into a flower girl. 26

She wore this oversized Moschino coat that was fully covered in flowers and looked super adorable back in May 2018.


Her stylist did a phenomenal job at concealing her pregnancy. 27

She wore this ballerina-inspired burgundy dress to the iHeart Radio Awards on March 11, 2018, and it was perfect to hide her growing baby bump. Not to mention, she looked beautiful. 

I've never seen an angel, but something tells me this picture of Cardi is really close to the real thing. 28

She walked the red carpet at the 2018 Grammys wearing an Ashi Studio gown that made her look as if she had a pair of wings. So gorgeous! 


This off-the-shoulder magenta dress showcased her cleavage. 29

The new mom proudly showed off her post-baby body at the VMAs on August 20, 2018, barely a month after giving birth to baby Kulture--and she looked gorgeous doing so.

She was a lady in red at the 2018 VMAs. 30

She changed into a high-low gown for the show, and it had her shapely legs on full display.


Cardi became the belle of the ball with this beautiful dress. 31

She attended Rihanna's Diamond Ball in 2017 looking like an actual Disney princess. 

Cardi B loves her denim. 32

Cardi rocked this denim-on-denim ensemble with a coat that looked almost like a jeans straitjacket to me, but somehow she made it work. This was back in April 2018.


Is there a single designer Cardi can't SLAY?! 33

This whole Marc Jacobs look for his fashion show in February 2018 was one of the times Cardi really established herself as a fashion queen.

What better way to honor legends than by wearing their faces all over your body? 34

She wore a colorful one-piece pantsuit with Marilyn Monroe's and James Dean's faces all over it at Coachella in April 2018.


Cardi mixes prints and designers like a true fashion icon. 35

During an appearance on TRL in April 2018, the Grammy nominee wore a blue Versace dress and Balenciaga boots. Not sure if these two designs go together, but they work on Cardi. 

Sometimes a cape is enough to make a statement. 36

She rocked a cape with a long train for her Rolling Stone cover for the July 2018 issue. She wore nothing underneath the cape. 


The rapper would look great in just about any era. 37

Cardi was ready for a disco party in this hot pink look she rocked in October 2017. The feather coat, the glasses, and the wide-leg pants are so outrageous, it makes me think only she could rock something like this.

Cardi's video looks are gorgeous. 38

Cardi got married in a tracksuit in real life, but she wore a stunning white gown for her "Be Careful" video and looked like an actual angel. 


Cardi wore flowy skirts and dresses to hide her pregnancy for months! 39

She was halfway into her pregnancy when she wore a two-piece ensemble in the "Dinero" video alongside Jennifer Lopez. The video premiered in May 2018.

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