Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

Chiquis Rivera seems to have an obsession with printed pants and with good reason--they look incredible on her! The best part is that Chiquis always keeps her fans in mind and even shares where she gets her gorgeous trousers. Chiquis loves wearing florals, animal prints, and even a little camouflage print. And every outfit she wears is always on point. 

She knows exactly how to coordinate her outfits and mixes brands like Fashion Nova with designers like Chanel and Gucci, and that's what having a good sense of style is all about. Chiquis has also mastered the art of dressing her curvy body and knows precisely which silhouettes accentuate her assets the best. 

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While some of her pants are super form-fitting, the singer manages to also make her fashion choices look tasteful and elegant like the true diva she is. She can rock a pair of jeans like no other, and her hips look incredible in a tight dress, but printed pants are definitely her signature look.

Whether you're looking for some outfit inspiration, ideas for your next going-out look, or a checklist for your next shopping trip, look no further than Chiquis' closet. She has even shamelessly worn her favorite pants more than once to show us how versatile her style is and give us the courage to rock our own funky and loud prints as often as we please. Click through to take a look at how Chiquis wears her favorite printed pants, and be inspired for your next brunch look. 

We're really digging this church outfit. 1

These red floral pants are to die for! We absolutely love how she color-coordinated the pants with a royal blue top. She looks incredible.


She knows she looks great in them. 2

She shared a super flirty video of herself showing off her blue-and-green pants, which she paired with the cutest pink blazer. She really loves this style of pants.


Chiquis looks great even when she's not wearing designer brands. 3

She looked like a million bucks in this outfit, which is also from Fashion Nova. Chiquis knows that it's not about what you wear but more how you wear it. And she wears anything well!

Chiquis' curves look incredible in these leggings. 4

These pants add a bit of an optical illusion that make her body look amazing. Her hubby, Lorenzo, definitely loves her curves.


Stripes are always in style. 5

This summery one-piece looks great on Chiquis. She cinched it at the waist with a black Gucci belt to highlight her curves.


She wears print pants for literally everything and anything. 6

From traveling to barbecuing, Chiquis' print pants have multiple uses.


Chiquis rocks camo like a pro. 7

Although she's often seen in girly floral prints, Chiquis can also dress it down in some camouflage print pants--and they look so fly on her! 

She paired the pants with a mustard-colored hoodie. 8

She dressed it down all the way to her feet, switching her usual heels for some Timberland boots.


Our lady keeps it real and isn't afraid to be an outfit repeater. 9

She's truly a down-to-earth queen in these camo pants.

She wore a silky floral jacket and pants outfit from Zara and looked awesome in it. 10

The outfit looks comfy enough to be pajamas but also gorgeous enough for a night on the town. She casually paired the Zara clothes with a Louis Vuitton handbag. 


A little animal print is needed in every fashionista's closet! 11

Chiquis paired this orange cheetah print ensemble with a black crop top and some sexy black heels.

She even took her love for printed pants on vacation. 12

This two-piece Fashion Nova outfit she wore on vacation is so flirty and fun, especially with that super-high slit on her thigh. 


She took a girls' trip to Cabo for her birthday and, of course, took some cute pants with her. 13

These lace bathing suit cover-up is everything!

We love that it's sheer in the back. 14

That makes it super sexy!


We love how she pairs her designer accessories with less expensive brands. 15

These Virginia high-waisted dress pants from Fashion Nova fit her like a dream.

The singer pairs her busy pants with simple, gorgeous tops. 16

She wore these beautiful pants with a wrap blouse that fit her like a dream.


Chiquis knows she looks good in this type of pants. 17

She captioned this pic expressing how much she loved the pants, saying they were, "Comfy, Elegant, and Great for this hot weather!"

Chiquis kept it casual and trendy with orange camo pants. 18

While not everyone can pull off a look like this, Chiquis knocked it out of the park.


She wore some printed workout pants to the La Chona Challenge. 19

Not only do they fit her really well, but she looked like she was having a blast while dancing on the street. 

She looked so elegant and sophisticated in this striped outfit. 20

I absolutely adore this and want to buy it right away.


Chiquis always keeps her fellow curvy girls in mind with her fashion choices. 21

She shared a photo of herself wearing some stunning printed pants, adding these comments: "Comfortable, sucks you in, and classy!" We could all use a little help in the "sucking you in" department.

She literally has these pants in every color! 22

The pants are from Victoria's Boutique, and they are absolutely beautiful. Chiquis paired these black trousers with a tied-up blouse on top to show off her waist. 


I adore the versatility of these camo pants. 23

And so does Chiquis! She has shared various "outfit of the day" pics wearing these and has paired them with heels, sneakers, and boots.

A little Chanel never hurt anyone. 24

Sometimes wearing clothes with the designer's logo all over them can look tacky, but she pulled off this Chanel tracksuit so well. I love how the stripe looks coming down the side of her leg. 


This little red number is so cute. 25

Chiquis is not afraid to stand out, which is probably why she adores a bold print so much. This one-piece ensemble looks great on her, and the color suits her so well. 

Animal print sure is among her favorites. 26

We adore this cheetah print ensemble from Fashion Nova. She looked so fierce while wearing this, and it's one of her best looks.