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It was bound to happen. At some point people were going to grow out of traditional jewelry and accessories. With the speed at which our technology is evolving, it was only a matter of time. We're always looking for something cooler, and a new body modification exhibit in New York City is proving that the future of fashion might deliver a change in the freakiest way. It's called A. Human and Kim Kardashian designed a necklace/prosthetic for the exhibit that looks like it was implanted on her body, and it will make your skin crawl.

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A. Human's fashion implants are here to make you feel alien chic. Kim's necklace blended perfectly into her skin and featured lights that blinked to the beat of her heart. It is an upgrade that many of us could probably do without but maybe this is the natural progression of personalized jewelry. And just when you thought it couldn't get any creepier, Chrissy Teigen joined in on the futuristic accessories wave with hyper real feathers that look like they were sculpted from her own skin.

"Some of the (modifications) you thought were human weren't," Simon Huck, the creator of the immersive experience, told CNN. "And some of the ones you thought were fake were real people." This exhibit may seem far-fetched but people are already taking body modification to the next level in real life. They are implanting jewelry in their eyes and teeth. That makes a prosthetic necklace sound a lot more appealing, doesn't it? Here's what the future of accessories could look like.

Kim Kardashian's flower choker looks like second skin. 1

"Here’s the one and only @kimkardashian radiating in the A. Human Glow SS19, an implanted necklace designed for her, by her," A. Human wrote on Instagram.


It glows in the dark. 2

She said "it moves to the rhythm of my heartbeat," which is so wild!


Chrissy Teigen's feathers look too real! 3

"The Black Swan emerges," A. Human wrote on Instagram. "@chrissyteigen finds her wings in A. Human Feathers SS19, a one-of-a-kind piece designed exclusively for her."

This ruffle collar makes Tan France look like he's part sea creature. 4

"The french tuck has got nothing on the A. Human Tudor SS19, our living ruffled collar, installed here on the amazing @TanFrance," A. Human shared.


Imagine applying these designer horns to your shoulder every day. 5

The shoulder modification in this image was designed by Nicola Formichetti who has an interesting idea of the future of fashion. ""We might not even have clothes in 50 years," he told CNN.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to your teeth. 6

"Introducing the A. Human Ivory SS19, a set of custom teeth designed and modeled by the incredible @isamayaffrench," A. Human shared on Instagram.


Pumps like these technically go with everything. 7

"Shoes are so 2017. Embrace your golden ratio with the A. Human Nautilus SS19, the first entry into our biological heel series," A. Human said of these futuristic shoes.

Would you add custom webs between your fingers? 8

A. Human thought about every part of the body.


Make your spine literally wig out with this Medusa-esque modification. 9

A. Human truly let its imagination run wild with these artistic pieces. We may not see fashion take things as far in our lifetime but people are already being experimental and testing the limits of what they can do with their bodies.

Singer Tameka 'Tiny' Harris had her eye color permanently changed from brown to grey. 10

Tameka traveled to Africa for the procedure. "They go into the eye and they make a little slit," she explained on ABC News. "They take an implant and it's folded up. They open it [and] spread it over your eye."


Rapper Drake occasionally wears a diamond on a tooth. 11

People often mistake the bling for a stain but this doesn't stop him.

Corset piercings are an early indicator of body modifications that meet fashion. 12

Corset piercings are an early indicator of body modifications that meet fashion.


It is clear that people already have the appetite for change and are acting on it.


A New York woman spent $3,000 to get a piece of platinum jewelry embedded in her eye in 2013. 13

According to Fox News, the procedure has been done hundreds of times in places like Los Angeles and Europe. The American Academy of Opthalmology is against implanting foreign materials in the eye.

3D printed body parts could be the future of medicine. 14

Doctors are already working on technology that would allow them to repair broken body parts. Professor Anthony Atala explained to BBC News how the process would work on a broken jaw. "We'd bring the patient in, do the imaging and then we would take the imaging data and transfer it through our software to drive the printer to create a piece of jawbone that would fit precisely in the patient." OMG! Who is to say that this couldn't be used for cosmetic and artistic body modifications someday?


Teeth sharpening and tongue splitting are another way people are choosing to express their individuality. 15

Someone even accessorized their split tongue with a zipper. The list goes on and on.