Peep Kris Jenner's massive closet

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Kris Jenner is a total boss. The momager has worked hard to turn the success of Keeping up with the Kardashians into a lucrative empire for her children. Today there is no question that she is very rich, and her jaw-dropping closet proves it.

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Dee Hilfiger, the creative director of luxury handbag line Judith Leiber, gave us a look at Kris' massive wardrobe on YouTube. It is full of special pieces that she has collected over the past 62 years. "This is amazing. I've never seen something like this… ever!" Dee told Kris. Coming from a Hilfiger, aka fashion royalty, that says a lot. This video proves she isn't exaggerating. 

The closet looks like an opulent Beverly Hills boutique.

It is bigger than some people’s apartments and it is filled to the brim with luxe designer goods.


Kris has a good reason for having so much clothing.

“We shoot a television show almost every single day so we have to have a lot of choices,” she said.


Look at all of those black blazers!

It is a signature part of Kris’ style so it’s no surprise that she has that many.

Kris’ luggage is just as over-the-top as her closet.

She travels with monogrammed Goyard bags that are worth thousands of dollars. The momager bag, which was a Christmas gift from her daughter Khloé, is the star of the show.


Kris' shoe collection is just as lavish.

It is HUGE and the irony is that shoes are an afterthought when she is getting dressed. Dee asked Kris how she decides which pair to wear and she shared that she starts the process of getting dressed with her outfit, and then moves on to her shoes. 

Sweatsuits are Kris’ go-to outfit and she has an entire wall dedicated to them.

Sets from Adidas, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton show that her lineup is far from basic.


Her handbag collection is to die for.

From classic Chanel pieces to exclusive Hermès Birkin bags to rare Judith Leiber clutches, she has it all.

Many of the pieces she owns have sentimental value.

She showed Dee her first Judith Leiber bag, which was a Christmas gift from ex-husband Robert Kardashian circa 1980. It is still in excellent condition!


Her Judith Leiber collection is so extensive that even Dee didn’t recognize a few of them.

And she’s the brand’s creative director!

And just when you thought her collection couldn’t get any more epic, Dee gifted Kris another incredible piece.

It was a sparkly black clutch made to resemble a black card with the words “no limit” and “YOLO” that screamed Kris. So perfect!


Check out the full closet tour below.

Kris is seriously #blessed.

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