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Thalía has made a name for herself as a fashion designer but it's her personal style that really stands out. She has her own clothing line, the Thalía Sodi collection, and it's a clear reflection of how fun and flirty the singer's style truly is.

She often connects with fans on Instagram by showing off her outfits and the way she picks and chooses everything from her shoes to accessories is absolutely mesmerizing. Her feminine style stands out even when she's at home lounging and it truly stands out when she's making public appearances.  

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Thalía's casual looks are super cute and her red carpet fashion is so fierce. She has been in the entertainment industry for so long and her fashion sense has evolved and transitioned with time.

She keeps things interesting by switching from ruffled and flower print dresses to oversized bomber jackets--you never really know what you'll get from her in terms of fashion. There are some looks of hers that we absolutely love, especially her vacation style, and there are others that only she can pull off. The Mexican actress sure knows how to show off her personality and uniqueness through her clothing, and her happiness often reflects on the bright colors and funky prints that she regularly wears. Scroll through to see some of Thalia's most unforgettable Instagram looks of all time.

She dazzled on the red carpet with this silver look. 1

She wore this stylish ensemble to the Broadway premiere of Summer: The Donna Summer Musical and she looked stunning.


This off-the-shoulder romper is super cute. 2

She wore this during her Italian vacation and it's perfect.


This two-piece outfit fits her so well. 3

She definitely knew how great she looked, based on this pic.

This cherry dress is definitely extra, but she's working it! 4

We love those red heels.


This outfit sparked the Thalía Challenge. 5

Seeing Thalía dance in this gorgeous pink fringed romper made fans create a challenge named after her.


This white cutout dress is beautiful. 6

This white '70s style dress with the billowy sleeves is perfect for a vacation.


This electric blue ensemble is everything and more. 7

She paired the gorgeous outfit with a platinum blonde wig.

She loves to try all different types of styles. 8

She paired these extravagant thigh-high heels with an oversized denim jacket.


She might have her own clothing line but she also loves high-end designer fashion. 9

She was killing it in this head to toe Versace outfit.

She keeps her fashion choice fun and flirty. 10

Everything from this matching jacket and pants combo, from the ruffles and the color, definitely make her stand out.


She lounges around in her own designs. 11

She captioned this pic: "Happy and comfy wearing #ThaliaSodiCollection intimates from head to toe. 😘"

She sometimes trades in her glam looks for streetwear. 12

She looked super trendy in this black oversized bomber jacket and pink wig.


Her taste in clothes is super feminine. 13

A lot of her clothing choices have a soft side, including this beautiful fuscia top with exposed shoulders. 

Nobody wears red quite like a Latina does. 14

This midi dress is just stunning on her.


Even her casual weekend looks have a dramatic flare. 15

She also gave us a glimpse into her shoe closet and it's insane.

This quinceañera look is making us want to redo our own! 16

She looks like a teenager. 


This dress is so classy and perfect for a red carpet. 17

It's so gorgeous!

She knows how to keep her style while dressing it up. 18

The pencil skirt fits her so well.


She usually opts for brighter colors but this outfit suits her well. 19

She looks like the most fashion-forward mamá ever.

She found the perfect dress for tea time. 20

We love how she styled this flowy dress and paired it with a matching hat and sunglasses.