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Cardi B has kept it real about not showing her post-baby body until she felt like she was ready to do so. But the rapper, who welcomed daughter, Kulture, on July 10, seemed more than prepared when she made her first official appearance since becoming a mom at the MTV 2018 Video Music Awards in August.

Cardi turned heads in a gorgeous off the shoulder gown, which also had a plunging neckline. She also wore a new hairstyle and traded her usual long locks for a black, pixie haircut. The new look definitely highlighted her face and she looked grown-up and sexy.  

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While she has been rather active on social media since her baby's arrival, she hasn't shared that many pics of herself. The ones that she has posted are proof that she is quickly snapping back into shape, and her body looks just as good, if not better, than before! Motherhood, although she has admitted that is far more difficult than she thought, has definitely treated Cardi well. While she hasn't shared pics of baby Kulture yet, it's clear through her videos about being a mommy that she's in love with her daughter. 

Cardi is not letting her new mom title take away from her bigger than life personality and she's continuing to share provocative videos of herself dancing, as well as wearing some form-fitting outfits. Scroll through to take a look at some of Cardi's best looks since she welcomed her daughter. 

She proved that showing lots of skin isn't necessary for a look to be sexy. 1

She rocked this pink pantsuit for the Dolce & Gabanna show during Milan Fashion Week in September 2018, and looked like a total boss. 


Cardi is loving her post-baby curves. 2

Her body looked better than ever in this pic she shared of herself visiting her husband, Offset, on tour.


She shut down New York Fashion Week in this cheetah print outfit. 3

Everything about this look just WORKS. 

She looked incredible in a black corset. 4

She appropriately captioned the stunning pic: "Whole lotta woman." 


This off-the-shoulder dress looks adorable on her. 5

The white form-fitting dress is super cute but also has a hint of sexy because of the off-the-shoulder style.

Her VMAs dress left everyone in awe. 6

Motherhood has done her body well, and the gorgeous magenta dress perfectly hugged her curves.


Here's a close-up of the look. 7

Her skin is glowing!

Cardi B looked out of this world in this red gown. 8

Her legs were on full display and she showed off a bit of cleavage and her sculpted shoulders.


This dress fits her so well. 9

She also shared another shot of the gown, and she looks so confident and beautiful.

Cardi also rocked a black mini dress at the awards show. 10

Cardi also rocked a black mini dress at the awards show.

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She did an outfit change before taking the stage with Jennifer Lopez to receive their award for "Dinero."


Cardi posed for an eye-grabbing photo on a plane. 11

While she headed to New York City to do a surprise appearance at one of Offset's concerts at Madison Square Garden, Cardi snapped some photos of herself wearing black lingerie and she looked great.

Kulture's mom has got it going on. 12

She also shared a photo of the hot leather dress she wore onstage for the show and she looked phenomenal. Everything from the pink wig to the heels and the mesh stockings look incredible on her.


Her husband, Offset, proudly showed Cardi off on Instagram. 13

He shared a totally nude pic of his wife and captioned it: "W I F E Y G O D D E S S B E A U T Y 💍👅💍👅💍👅."

Cardi shared her own nude photo on her Instagram 14

It looks her like her body is right back into shape!


She looked awesome in a all-red outfit during a video shoot. 15

The rapper posed for a pic alongside Selena Gomez and Cardi's outfit was super sexy.

She was shining in a silver outfit. 16

The new momma showed off her shapely legs in a silver ensemble from Fashion Nova.


Cardi even makes a McDonald's run look on fire. 17

After the show she made a fast food run and showed off her toned legs.

Cardi shared a video of herself dancing and she looked incredible. 18

Those camo pants fit her perfectly and showed off her best assets while she shared her sexy dancing skills.


She shared a video of herself wearing a tiny crop top. 19

She sat on top of a piano while singing and was wearing form-fitting shorts and a white crop top that had her midsection on display. 

Cardi released the video for her song "Ring" and looked amazing! 20

The rapper released the video on August 20, and looked incredible in a form-fitting black dress with thigh-high heels.


Cardi B is a cool mom. 21

Cardi is not letting motherhood take away her edge and showed that she is keeping her street fashion skills on point with this outfit.

Cardi is quickly snapping back into shape. 22

She wore a tight long sleeve shirt that hugged her already shrinking waistline. 


Cardi looked like a stylish detective with this coat. 23

She also wore a silk trench coat for another scene in the music video and looked phenomenal in it. Even if she's not showing any skin, she still looks so fierce and sexy.

She also wore a short sleeve blazer with a plunging neckline. 24

She looked so good in this scene from the video.


Check out the full look. 25

I can't get enough of this outfit!