World Cup fever is undeniable and palpable--and the Internet is filled with gorgeous, creative and easy examples for ways you can show your Latino pride during the matches, all while looking gorgeous.

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There are amazing makeup tutorials, great looks ideas and fantastic nail art inspired in the flags of our favorite teams. Yes, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and Uruguay are still in the running for the coveted World Cup trophy.

The ideas are so cute, that they could also work for other patriotic events, and even if you don't copy them, they are great inspiration. Take a look and get ready to yell GOOOOOOOL

This makeup tutorial inspired by the Mexican flag is amazing. 1

It looks a lot better than the classic stripes most of the fans wear on their faces.


These Mexican-inspired nails are great for so much more than the World Cup. 2

They are so cute, and you can have them to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence Day and so much more.


Jessica Carrillo of 'Al Rojo Vivo' and 'Don Francisco te Invita' has the best look to support El Tri. 3

The shorts and the jersey are cute, but the red mules and the earrings complete the outfit in the best way.

What's sexier than smoky eyes inspired in the Brazilian flag? 4

Maybe drinking a caipirinha while wearing it.


Brazil is one of the favorites to win the World Cup. 5

So you will have plenty of chances to show off this beautiful design.


There are options to the traditional jersey. 6

This looks has all the colors of the Brazilian flag and looks gorgeous.


Argentina's flag has the cutest colors. 7

And they look great on your nails.

The Argentinian colors never looked so good in somebody's face. 8

You could even wear this for other events not related to the World Cup.


For some fans the soccer Jerseys are sacred. 9

But there is nothing wrong with adapting them to our bodies.

What's more Spanish than polka dots? 10

Well, to also add the colors of the Spanish flag and have the combination on your nails the days that the team from la madre patria plays.


This makeup tutorial helps you show your loyalty to the Spanish national team. 11

No doubt is a great choice to show your support for Spain. 

These leggings, inspired in the Spanish flag, are amazing. 12

They also make the jumping up and down after a goal very easy.


Colombia's national colors allow to many manicure possibilities. 13

This design is really creative.

This makeup look, inspired by the Colombian flag, looks so cute. 14

It's also a nice change from the strong eyeshadow and super fun.


Colombian reggaeton star Karol G. went to Russia to support the national team. 15

The "Mi cama suena" singer looked incredible and the lipstick job seems easy to do.

These nail stickers of the Uruguayan flag are adorable. 16


The colors of the Uruguayan flag work great in this makeup tutorial. 17

It could also work for a Frozen theme.

These shoes Uruguayan pride to the next level. 18

They seem a great option to celebrate a win.


If your team is already out. 19

You can just show your love for soccer.

This jacket is an example of how you can support all the teams. 20

Un Nuevo Día presenter Rashel Díaz has been everywhere in Russia and worn every Latin jersey, but with this design from Miami artist Adieny Núñez she has managed to celebrate sports and soccer, and so can you.