Fajas and shapewear to help flatten a post-pregnancy belly.

While exercise and diet are essential in losing weight and flattening a post-pregnancy belly, there are ways to help speed up the process, and for a lot of women that includes fajas. In fact, Latinas know this all too well. Back in 2015, Jessica Alba admitted to wearing a double corset for three months straight in efforts to flatten her stomach after pregnancy and, apparently, it worked!

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There's a reason why shapewear continues to remain popular: It's because they actually do help flatten a tummy. Don't get me wrong, a faja will never ever replace healthy eating and working out. It's absolutely not something you should solely rely on, but it can help enhance the process. It's also a great way to disguise a belly while you're still working to reduce it. Fortunately, there are more than enough options out there. Here are 20 tummy-flattening fajas that will snap you back into shape ASAP!

You need a specific faja if you’re recovering from a C-section. 1

The targeted compression helps to reduce swelling and discomfort that comes with post-surgery, along with silver-infused fibers woven in to prevent odor and bacteria from building up. How genius is that? Apeainthepod.com, $60


They have a black version for the low-maintenance girl. 2

Nude and white fabrics tend to be a lot more stain-prone, so if you're looking for an easier-to-maintain option look no further because they also have it in black! Apeainthepod.com, $60


The compression on this corset is serious. 3

It features two rows of hook-and-eye closures designed specifically for C-section incision, allowing you to tighten when additional compression is needed. With that said, you can also use this faja if you had a natural birth and just need some belly flattening. Bellefit.com, $108.75

If you’re in need of a full-body sculpter. 4

This shapewear piece is more of a bodyshaper than a corset. It’s designed to target all areas from cinching in the waist, flattening the stomach, to toning the butt and thighs. Best part is, you can fake an hourglass figure by wearing this underneath a form-fitted dress while you’re still working out your post-baby bod. Hourglassangel.com, $90


Shapewear can be cute and comfy. 5

If you’re not about tight and compressed fajas, a bodysuit shapewear piece that feels more like regular clothes might be exactly what you need. This crew-neck short sleeve bodysuit features smoothing and shaping technology that’s designed to regulate body heat to keep your tummy flat, your waist cinched it, and leave you as comfortable as possible. It’s also a stylish piece you can pair with everything from jeans, skirts, and dress pants. Yummie.com, $68

There's a long-sleeve version, too. 6

This is so chic and stylish, it doesn’t even look like shapewear. It’s great for layering and also for the girl who’s looking for more arm coverage. Yummie.com, $78


This nursing top is everything but frumpy. 7

Not only is this polished tank designed with a simple snap down bust panel for quick and easy breastfeeding, but it also contains smooth and shape technology to keep your stomach looking flat and toned. Yummie.com, $68

For the girl who wants shapewear she can instantly take off. 8

Unlike fajas or shapewear panties, this postpartum band wraps around the stomach area and can be layered over underwear. It works to smooth and flatten your stomach, while also providing comfort and back support for when you’re carrying or breastfeeding your baby. Target.com, $25


These post-pregnancy leggings will have you bouncing back in no time. 9

They are designed with a mid-rise power mesh belly that helps to flatten the stomach, while keeping you comfortable and stylish. Motherhood.com, $30

Sometimes the easiest way to flatten a post-pregnancy baby is with high-waisted panties. 10

This post-pregnancy panty features a patent shaper that works to flatten the stomach, while also supporting a C-section. The fabrics are seamless, breathable, and comfortable. Motherhood.com, $20


This post-partum panty is unlike any of the others. 11

It features adjustable velcro sides that allows you to compress at whatever level you need or want at the time. Did we mention it also has a contour rear that works to shape – not flatten – your booty? Leonisa.com, $40

Slip shapewear is genius. 12

It’s as comfortable as a dress slip but functions like a faja, keeping you looking smooth and perfectly tucked in. Spanx.com, $78


If your focus is on the tummy down. 13

This shapewear suit targets the stomach, waist, butt, and thighs while concealing any unflattering lumps or bumps. Best part is you can wear any bra with it! Spanx.com, $88

Because your post-baby booty matters, too. 14

Not only does this perk up your butt but it also flattens your stomach and cinches your waist. Amazing, right? Spanx.com, $68


This is a perfect pick if you just want to look smooth underneath your dresses. 15

The truth is, bouncing back after pregnancy takes time but that doesn’t mean you have to retire your bodycon dresses. This high-waisted, mid-thigh short tucks in your tummy, shapes your booty, and tones your thighs. Spanx.com, $76

Shapewear can be sexy. 16

The lace detail on this high-waisted panty makes it look more like lingerie than shapewear. But don’t get us wrong, this stuff certainly targets the tummy! Spanx.com, $64


A shapewear tank is more necessary than you think. 17

It flattens the stomach while also functioning as an important layering piece. We’re just saying. Spanx.com, $58

Waist trainers are game changers. 18

There’s a reason why Kim Kardashian swears by this waist trainer. Apparently when incorporated into a workout routine, this corset-style waist band, encourages sweating that flattens the stomach, cinches the waist, and rids you of water weight. Perfect if you’re looking to reduce a post-pregnancy belly. Whatsawaist.com, $120


This waist-trainer is not for working out with. 19

But it’s designed to give you that hourglass shape. Think flat stomach and teeny waist. Hourglassangel.com, $67

This low-cut plunge slip is everything. 20

The stretch nylon material leaves you looking smooth and fabulous. Yummie.com, $59