Faja-obsessed mom reduced her waist to 18 inches & it's unreal

Mom of two shrank her waist to 18 inches due to corset obsession.
Barcroft TV

I have nothing against fajas but one 39-year-old woman and former US Navy Veteran has taken her love for corsets way too far. Diana Ringo wears a corset for 23 hours a day every single day, and as a result has managed to shrink her waist to 18 inches. It's so tiny it doesn't look real. I'm not hating. I'm just genuinely concerned for this woman's health and well-being. 

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In the video interview with Barcroft TVRingo admits that she owns over 45 corsets that all value at around $3,000 and she only removes them when she's working out at the gym or showering.

In other words, she even wears her faja during sex, if you can actually believe that. 

The obsession is real.

I started corset training after having twins and I was a little bit unhappy because I didn’t have the curves I thought I used to have,” Ringo said in a video interview with Barcroft TV. “So I started with the waist trainers. Once I got a little bit of a good result, I fell in love with them and I just kept reducing my waist size. 


It could be damaging to the body.

"If you put them on too tight you can experience a little bit of numbing, you can experience some nerves telling you hey you gotta get it off or you gotta loosen it," she said. Ringo also has issues breathing with it. "I can breathe properly in my corsets, I just can’t take tremendous full breaths while I’m wearing it and nobody lives their lives taking tremendous full breaths." None of this sounds worth it.


Her family isn’t about it.

My family is torn between its okay or some think I’m going to die today or maybe tomorrow,” she says. “I do value their opinion but I ultimately have to live with myself and the decisions I make are to make myself happy.”

Her husband wasn’t originally onboard.

"At first I was very nervous, concerned,” says her husband, Brett Ringo. "But I’ve gotten used to it over the last couple of years and with the reassurance from her doctor I’m okay with it.”


Ringo's corset obsession doesn’t seem healthy physically or emotionally.

But to each his or her own, right? We’re just hoping it doesn't lead to any severe health issues in the future. 

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