Selena Quintanilla Christmas sweaters are real & we can't deal

Selena Quintanilla Christmas sweater

I've never been much of a Christmas sweater kind of person. That is, unless, I'm going HAM at an ugly Christmas sweater party. Other than that, it's never really been my thing. That changed after I learned that a Selena Quintanilla Christmas sweater exists and it really is the best thing ever. Seriously, where has this been our entire lives?


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If you're wondering who this special someone who made this Selena Christmas sweater is, it's artist and graphic designer Regina Morales. She actually designed them for a collaboration with her design company Hello Reg and a printing company called Printed Apparel. Did I mention they only cost $20? Crazy right?

Selena Christmas sweater
Printed Apparel

The sweater is everything we would have dreamed of it to look like, if not more. It features Selena singing in her famous purple jumpsuit, the one she wore at her final concert. What's even more adorable is that Selena is featured inside a cute snow globe filled with snowflakes and white roses and right at the base it says "Dreaming of You." This sweater really couldn't be any more perfect. I love that there's a black and purple version.

BUT I have some bad news for you ladies. This epic sweater inspired by our dear and legendary Selena is no longer available. We can't even confirm it's necessarily sold out. But the site where it was originally being sold on is not working at the moment. I'm thinking too many people went on to buy the sweater and probably caused the site to temporarily crash.

Fortunately, there are some other cute Selena sweater alternatives like this adorable one that's available at 

Selena christmas sweater on Etsy

There's also this cool "Anything for Selenas" sweater that I'm seriously all about. 

Selena christmas sweater on Etsy

These sweaters just got me REAL hyped!


I know you are now, too!


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