SEE: Only Jennifer Lopez can make a sweater dress look hot & we think we know why

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Jennifer Lopez is in New York City filming a new movie and, of course, she's been sharing some fun shots from set. As usual, she looks fabulous, but this past weekend she absolutely blew us away in the most unbelievable dress. She looked so HOT in a sweater dress of all things.


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Yes, a sweater dress--a sweater that is big enough to be worn as a dress. Doesn't sound sexy, I know. Actually, I've tried them on and they definitely don't look sexy on me, but J.Lo nailed it.

Even more surprising is that the dress is midi-length and has long sleeves and a turtleneck. She is literally covered from her neck to well below the knee, but she is giving off total Old Hollywood glamour vibes.

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She's also wearing a wide belt to cinch her waist, gorgeous platform loafers and thin gold hoops to top the look off. I really wish I could pull off something like this, but I know most averarge people couldn't. Jennifer has a stylist on hand even for a lot of her casual looks and, of course, every piece of her clothing is probably tailored.

Actually, a while back she posted a photo of herself wearing a sweatsuit from her clothing line with Kohl's, and I was all like, "ooh, I want that." Then I found the pieces on Kohl's Web site and they looked nothing like they did on Jennifer. She had clearly had both pieces altered to accentuate her hourglass figure.

Even when I was a teenager I distinctly remember wondering where I could find denim like Jennifer's and my mother telling me that all of J.Lo's jeans would have to be customized, so that she didn't have that annoying waist gap in the back of her jeans.

So yeah, in addition to genetics and an obvious dedication to fitness, one way to make a sweater dress looks incredible is to have someone pinning, tucking and sewing it in exactly the right places.

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