Yandy Runway Thong Jeans

Fall is here and it's officially the season of jeans. Denims are one of those few clothing items that seem wardrobe malfunction-proof, no? Wrong! These new Yandy Runway Thong Jeans are probably the most ridiculous denims that's ever ceased to exist. It legit shows butt cheeks. I'm not joking. But wait, because it gets better. These things have actually sold out in a size small, which means people are actually buying them! Who would wear this?


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The fashion trends of today really do blow my mind sometimes. I thought ASOS's butt crack jeans were weird but these thong jeans seriously take the cake. Not only does it expose cheeks but it's made to look like like someone ran the pair of jeans through a shredder and it turned it into thong shorts. There are literally pieces hanging from the sides. It really doesn't make any sense and, honestly, it's not even cute.

Considering the size small has sold out, I want to believe women are buying these for Halloween but not to actually wear in real life. It is called Yandy Runway Thong Jeans Costume on the site so let's cross our fingers that no one is trying to pass this thing as real clothes.

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