Unravel Project denim waist belt and other weird jean trends

The denim trends that have been coming out lately are such a joke. The latest: a pair of jeans without legs, pockets, or even a crotch that retails at $405. It's ridiculous. Mind you, it's so legless and crotchless, it can't even work as a skirt. This thing can literally only pass as a denim belt and, honestly, who the hell needs that?

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I really don't understand fashion sometimes. I'm all for new, funky trends, but this one makes absolutely no sense. And even if you were going to do it just because, are you willing to cough $400? Probably not, unless you're a celeb trying to make a red carpet statement or just rolling in money like that. 

The new design comes from streetwear brand Unravel Project and on Net-A-Porter it's described as a "denim waist belt." Even they can't find it in themselves to actually call this thing jeans. In fact, the editor's notes on the site even gives tips as to how to wear it.

"It looks even cooler with a slim leather strap over the top," it says. Sorry but I'm going to have to give a very hard pass on this one. I'm good. I can totally live without this. 

We’re not loving the style suggestions for this “denim waist belt.” 1

Apparently it was designed to help “nip in the waist slouchy and oversized pieces.” Yea, no one needs this for that. 


Plastic jeans are a joke. 2

They not only look awful, but we can name very few public places you can actually get away with wearing this. 


Inside-out jeans are really not that clever. 3

Unravel Project’s designer Ben Taverniti, has a thing for experimenting with jeans and streetwear. Last year, he came out with his “Inside-Out” jeans that went viral and the price was even worse than the denims themselves. They retailed at almost $1,000 and WTF?

Undetachable jeans are insane. 4

Opening Ceremony’s Detachable jeans were very unfortunate but apparently high fashion model Gigi Hadid was digging them because she was seen rocking a white pair last year. I can’t!


The crazy Yandy Runway Thong Jeans were a hot mess. 5

Why would someone spend $60 on these?


ASOS’s butt crack jeans. 6

They featured a semi-circle cut-out in the back perfect for showing off a lower back tattoo but a little too much plumber-butt-revealing. 

These high-waisted straight jeans with open back retail for $60. I don’t know, but I feel like that’s a lot of money for a pair of jeans people could easily confuse for a wardrobe malfunction.


Remember those VetementxLevis butt jeans? 7

The collaboration featured a pair of denims with zippers placed down the back of the legs and right on the butt, which when unzipped, literally shows off butt cheeks along with a little crack. These jeans show so much you’d probably have to get a butt crack wax to show these off. Yes, I went there. 

To think I thought Kylie Jenner’s butt jeans were bad. 8

Kylie Jenner’s underbutt jeans were ridiculous but nothing compared to the denims that have been coming out lately. What is happening in today’s world of denim?


High rise butt rips are a thing. 9

I wouldn’t suggest sitting on a subway train with these on. 

There are clear knee jeans out there. 10

You know, because apparently ripped jeans aren’t enough anymore. 


You can buy mud jeans today. 11

Now why would someone pay $425 for a pair of jeans that look like you rolled in the mud? Can’t you just dirty your jeans for free? 

Hip cut-out jeans make absolutely no sense to me. 12

They’re missing pockets and they aren’t flattering by any means. Why? Just why?


One leg jeans are such a mistake. 13

Come on now! What is even the point of this?