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Jennifer Lopez gives it her all in everything she does. She somehow always manages to make it look so darn good. There's a reason why she was able to rock that ridiculously revealing sheer dress by Bao Tranchi for her 48th birthday party in 2017 and why she wore a teenie tiny bikini on her 49th birthday in 2018. It's because the girl works hard--and we mean at the gym.

When it comes to fitness, J.Lo does not play. In fact, J.Lo has hit up the gym on her actual birthday with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez and she has previously headed straight to the gym after a family vacation. There's no way a person can continuously look as great as she does without commitment, dedication and discipline. When she was a kid, Jen used to run track and she was also a dancer. Working out from a young age helps build muscle memory and also makes breaking a sweat into a habit--and it might even become something you actually enjoy. 

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Going to the gym can be a hassle and putting on tight leggings and a sports bra might not be anyone's idea of a good time. For J.Lo, looking her best during her workouts seems to be important. The "Dinero" singer is always rocking the cutest leggings with fun designs and matching crop tops to show off her enviable abs. The mom of two continues to surprise everyone by looking better than ever, and she's previously credited her youthfulness to making sure she always finds a way to get her sweat on. 

While her body looks incredible in her skintight outfits on the red carpet and on stage, she also makes even her workout outfits look so chic and fierce. The secret is to always look good, so you always feel good--and maybe a cute gym outfit will push you to run that one extra mile. So here are few pics of the triple threat looking hot while getting her workout on, so you can get inspired to style your own gym gear the same way! 

--Additional reporting by Johanna Ferreira

Jen has been shocking everyone with her toned physique. 1

Jen has been shocking everyone with her toned physique.

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While she's always been about the fitness life, J.Lo stepped it up in 2018 by sharing videos and photos of her workouts on Instagram. This orange top and matching leggings make her look like she's actually glowing.


She worked out on her 48th birthday. 2

She worked out on her 48th birthday.

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J.Lo was seen leaving a hot yoga class in Miami with her bae, Alex Rodriguez, in July 2017. Don't stop, won't stop!


Alex Rodriguez has turned into her workout buddy. 3

Alex Rodriguez has turned into her workout buddy.

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Here she is leaving a gym in Miami with Alex again. We're loving the deep-plunging plain white T-shirt.

She’s not afraid to take those post-workout selfies. 4

Loving that matching fitness gear!


She wears the cutest and most colorful leggings ever. 5

She wears the cutest and most colorful leggings ever.

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All of her leggings hug her muscular legs so perfectly!

J.Lo is a huge fan of this white sports bra. 6

She has somehow found out how to maintain her curves while still building muscle and having a toned midsection. This woman is practically a unicorn.


She wore the same top before. 7

It fits her so well! Also her abs are incredible in this pic.

She's always worked out. 8

Jennifer shared this amazing throwback picture of her younger self during a race on her high school track team. It proves that she's always been about this fitness life. 


Her workout gear is so fierce. 9

Her workout gear is so fierce.

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That crop top paired with those gray leggings and green sneakers are everything. 

She’s keeping that body in shape. 10

She’s keeping that body in shape.

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Jennifer is seen here with Alex leaving the gym. What's fierce here? Do you see her gym bag? It's a $15,000 Birkin bag by Hermès. Yeah, that's how she does it.


These leggings make her assets look GREAT. 11

She shared this post of herself wearing a pink crewneck sweater with matching leggings during a vacation with her kids and her boyfriend, Alex, in June 2018. She captioned it saying they were becoming a staple in her athleisure style and said: "When the leggings make the booty look good." And she was not lying.

Her waist looks phenomenal with this tank top. 12

We've never seen anyone tuck in their tanks into their workout leggings like this before but since it looked so great on the actress, we might give it a shot.


She was photo shoot ready in this workout gear. 13

The pants fit her like a glove and the short sweater shows off how toned her belly is. 

She's taking athleisure to new heights. 14

She's taking athleisure to new heights.

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While some people are just wearing gym gear as a trend, Jen is actually putting her clothes to work. 


J.Lo knows if there's no pain, there's no gain. 15

She snapped this sexy pic after rehearsals for her All I Have Las Vegas show in February 2017. "Getting this mind and body ready for Vegas," she captioned the snap. "In a lil pain right now can't lie." 

Jen isn't afraid to wear all white during her gym sessions. 16

Jen isn't afraid to wear all white during her gym sessions.

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She wore white leggings and matching top for a work out with ARod and added a splash of color with neon green shoes and a bright yellow purse. Style doesn't take time off, not even at the gym.


J.Lo keeps her workouts super interesting. 17

She wore a sleeveless vest and form-fitting workout pants for an outdoor sweat session. 

How does someone make casual clothes look SO good? 18

She showed off her abs while rocking some loose-fitting sweatpants.


Remember that time she participated in the ice bucket challenge? 19

It was right after a workout session and she looked AMAZING!

She tries all kinds of ways to stay fit. 20

How else do you think she keeps those abs so sculpted?


Rehearsal counts as workouts too. 21

Dancing is a form of cardio, after all, and J.Lo looks like she hits the rehearsals hard!

Rehearsals are a regular part of her workout routine. 22

Who looks this good sweating?