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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are some of the most stylish people on the planet. Millions of people look to them for fashion inspiration, so there's no surprise that their kids have also become mini fashion icons themselves. Their two older kids, North and Saint West, were an obvious inspiration for the children's clothing line Kids Supply, and it's because of how cool these two little ones dress. 

The couple doesn't go the traditional route when it comes to dressing their kids, which means they don't wear festive red outfits for Christmas or florals on Easter Sunday. The kids are often seen in muted, neutral colors and rock streetwear better than most adults. 

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North has become a little style legend as she gets older, often seen wearing some fashion-forward outfits and sometimes even stealing her mom's designer heels. I mean, most little girls do, but North even knows how to properly coordinate a full ensemble in ways only a stylist could. It's in her blood, after all. 

Kim has caught some heat for her daughter's outfits, including her fur coats and tiny dresses, but she carries on as usual. She seldom lets people's opinions dictate how she chooses to parent her babies, and she gives her kids the freedom to wear what they like. That's pretty progressive, if you ask me. Take a look at all the times Saint and North have been major fashion goals. 

Let's get into this hot pink snakeskin outfit. 1

Miss North sure knows how to put an outfit together, including borrowing her mamá's boots. Kim shared this photo along with another one where her daughter is crying and wrote: "Sooooo Miss North dressed herself and thought she was ready for the day until I explained she couldn’t wear my boots. 😂💕."


North was the center of attention at her baby brother's party. 2

North knows it's important to dress to impress, so she rocked a neon green ensemble at her baby brother's birthday celebration. Saint, on the other hand, kept it simple in a camouflage outfit, just like his daddy would wear.


Kim keeps her daughter up on the latest trends. 3

Kim made sure that North was in on the animal print trend. "Snake Skin Drip on my little Northie," she captioned this pic. 

North often wears head-to-toe Adidas. 4

Wouldn't you if your dad had a line with a major company like Kanye does?


This was the family at a Christmas party. 5

Both kids are rocking all-black outfits! While most kids wear Christmas dresses from the local department store, Kim kept her kids dressed simply and in monochromatic looks. 


Even Northie's sleepwear is top notch. 6

If you thought she was too young for a cute little silk pajama dress, then you're wrong. The lip-print design is so sweet, and she looks adorable!


Their Easter outfits were everything. 7

North wore a black feather dress with a red blazer, and Saint matched his dad with a white button-down and black pants. So adorable!

This has been one of North's cutest looks ever. 8

North absolutely rocked this kimono-inspired orange dress! She also wore matching eyeliner and looked like a fashion queen. 


North has already made her big fashion show debut. 9

Look at the outfit she modeled at her first runway show! The red leather ensemble is giving us major "Thriller" vibes.

Saint is the coolest little boy ever. 10

He dresses just like his daddy! Sportswear is his favorite, and this little orange shirt and the skully hat make him look so cute.


Kim was spotted in New York City in the fall with a very stylish little Saint. 11

He rocked a beanie, long-sleeved shirt, and bright red pants. He looks like a model!

North has been making slip velvet dresses a thing. 12

The design was featured in their Kids Supply line. A slip dress like Northie's will run you about $125.


Kim loves to have her little ones rock fur. 13

Kim loves to have her little ones rock fur.


There's none of that in their collection as of yet, but the kids sure look fierce!

North looks like a prima ballerina with her hair in a bun. 14

She adds some edge with a choker.


North always rocks Calabasas to the fullest. 15

Kimye's collection also features items with the town's name on it.

North and Saint are all about casual style. 16

From velvet to cotton, they know how to sell a look. 


Kim and North rocked matching silver sequin dresses from Vetements. 17

This was North's shining moment in the fashion world.

North loves to play with her cousin Penelope and rock her moto jacket. 18

Seriously, it doesn't get more stylish than this!


North even steals the show from her famous mom when she wears fur. 19

All eyes are on North. 

North owns a pink fluffy jacket. 20

And rocks it like a queen.


Who can forget her ballerina days in 2015? 21

Who can forget her ballerina days in 2015?


They should sell this look for adults! Well, at least the jacket.

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