Kim Kardashian steps out in a sheer bra & don't you dare slut-shame her

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Kim Kardashian
has a very unique approach to fashion that I'm really starting to appreciate. Simply put, she doesn't give AF. If she wants to show her nipples, she will. If she wants to wear lingerie like regular clothes, she'll do it--and unapologetically. How can you not admire that? She was recently spotted out with her bestie Jonathan Cheban, rocking nothing but a sheer bra paired with a blazer and velvet leggings, looking like a boss babe all at the same time. 


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Kim Kardashian could care less what you think of her fashion. A few years ago she might have cared and taken it to heart. Not these days. You can call her a slut or a loca, but it'll just go right over her head because Kim knows who she is and what she likes and isn't about to compromise that for anyone.

She knew she'd get hate for actually leaving her house wearing nothing but a sheer bra and she did it anyway. Did I mention she accessorized the look with a pair of clear wedge heels? I'm telling you, she was on a roll!

Some might think this was Kim's attempt to make headlines or maybe even to distract the attention away from her brother Rob's embarrassing revenge porn situation. Maybe. But I say Kim is just being Kim. And that entails wearing and doing whatever the eff she wants, like a true boss babe.

Because at the end of the day a woman can choose to walk out of her house butt naked and still doesn't have to explain herself to anybody--especially not to no ignorant slut-shamers!


Images via Splash

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