Jennifer Lopez is a major trendsetter, there's no ifs or buts about it. The Boricua star has a unique style that's all of her own, and because of it she's inspired other celebs who have rocked pretty similar looks. You know what they say: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Right? Well, we had to pair a few of the imitators with the queen... and guess who came out on top every single time?

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When you have a style as chic and memorable as Jennifer Lopez's, you're bound to get a couple of followers. In fact, quite a few of our favorite stars have tried replicating some of J.Lo's best outfits (even Beyonce is a fan of La Lopez's style!). And while they all looked fantastic, there's really no question about who wore it best.

Come on ladies, this is J.Lo we're talking about. Jenny From the Block knows how to turn heads, whether it's on the red carpet or casually strolling through the streets of NYC. From Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston to even Gigi Hadid, here's a look at a few celebs who have been inspired by the pop icon's style!

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