SEE: Kim Kardashian steps out in nothing but a bra & latex leggings

Kim Kardashian is looking hot lately. It's obvious that she's been working out. I mean have you seen her abs? Not only is she fit but she's clearly feeling good, because she's back to wearing naked-inspired outfits again. The reality star was recently spotted sporting only a pair of flesh-colored latex leggings with a matching bra and boots. Have a look for yourself.


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Kim's outfit could pass for the bodysuits she's worn in the past at her husband's Kanye's Yeezy shows. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Kanye comes out with latex leggings after this. 

As much as I want to hate this outfit, I just can't. Kim made it work. Is this something I'd ever wear myself? Hell no! Those pants are practically transparent. But it goes perfectly with Kim's style and it shows off her hot summer bod, so I can't hate. 

As long as she not going around telling people how the flu was "an amazing diet" again, I'm good. 


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What do you think of Kim's outfit?

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What do you think of Kim's outfit?

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